Wednesday, June 21, 2006

War on 'Palestinian' terrorism & media bias

News headline option # 1: Palestinian woman killed in Israeli air strike Reuters

News headline option # 2: Palestinian militant killed by Israeli troops in W.Bank

You be the judge.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Under firing rockets from 'Palestinians' into Israeli homes, beautiful Israel gives more humanitarian gestures, Israel letting 3,000 more merchants
Israel to let in 3,000 more Palestinian merchants
Jerusalem Post

"Palestinians" death cult - Humanity turned Upside down

"Palestinians" death cult - Humanity turned Upside down
Humanity values VS "Palestinian" Cult

  • 9/11 & other terror victims in agony are to be cheered, danced & laughed at but monsters on humanity (on non Arabs & on their own people like) Al-Zarqawi & Saddam Hussein are to be sympathized with.

  • They tell us day & night that they are about "freedom", yet, in their entire violent totalitarian society, not one person is ever really free.

  • If they deliberately send their kids to be killed as murderers (bombers or shields for adult shooters), How do they expect us to take them seriously when they make a scene each time they have a way to pin it on Israeli anti-terror operations (even in those incidents that we can prove yet, that they killed them in order to tarnish Israel as we all have seen in various infamous cases)?

  • At the most vital police work such as arresting mass murderers terror masters, they dramatically whine: "genocide", but Genocide bombing is covered as a "resistance".

  • A fence between Arabs/Jews in Israel on one side and Arab "Palestinian" terrorists on the other side they call it "apartheid".
    But Apartheid against non Arabs non Muslims is automatically turned into: "independence".

  • Shooters, bombers sneaking unexpected attacking so cowardly the unarmed men, women & children they "proudly" call "heroes" & high moral Israeli soldiers refusing to fire at civilians the terrorists mingle with, they brand as "weak" and "cowardice".

  • (In an effort to balance the picture out they simply distort it,) Israel's portion that objected being forced to be 'ethnic cleansed' (that Israel was FORCED to carry out) from their legitimate & historic homes, they call: "extremists", but majority of Arab Muslim "Palestinians" that voted for Hamas terrorists are called "moderates".

  • They would want us to believe that the 'Middle east' conflict has a part in 'why they hate us' but their producing of notorious PALLYWOOD videos (killing their own & blaming Israelis among other low tricks) they incite the entire Arab Muslim world with, (such was the ENTIRE latest Intifadah the Muhammad Al Dura hoax production,) they are never blamed for the incitement.

  • Israeli Zionist Jews that work on behalf of "Palestinians" to improve their conditions are all over the place but you won't find ANY Arab Muslim "Palestinian" even raising a voice for Israeli victims of their genocide campaign.

  • They tell their children [in their mainstream TV & schools] that a mass murderer is a "Shahid" martyr - super-human, and a victim of terror is is 'not human (enough)'.

  • Massacres on non combatant Israelis they call; "fighting oppression" but oppressing their own people they polish it as:"internal fighting".


Israel "Palestine" - 101

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Monday, June 19, 2006

A malicious "apology", Gee, I never knew that love & pride for one (struggling to survive) country is 'malice to Arab people'! Arab racist "rule"

A malicious "apology"

Gee, I never knew that love & pride for one (struggling to survive) country is 'malice to Arab people'!
Is this some fascistic Arab made rule?
[ , , , , ,]
World-Ghana apologise after player waves Israeli flag
Mon Jun 19, 2006 1:21 PM BST
By Kate Holton
WUERZBURG, Germany, June 19 (Reuters) - The Ghanaian Football Association apologised on Monday after one of its players waved an Israeli flag to celebrate their 2-0 World Cup win against the Czech Republic.
Team spokesman Randy Abbey said it was important to point out that the Ghanaian FA was not trying to take sides in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Defender John Paintsil was very popular in Israel where he plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv and had wanted to acknowledge the Israeli fans who had travelled to Germany to support him, Abbey said. "He is obviously unaware of the implications of what he did. He's unaware of international politics. We apologise to anybody who was offended and we promise that it will never happen again. "He did not act out of malice for the Arab people or in support of Israel. He was naive... we don't need to punish him."
Paintsil celebrated the two Ghana goals on Saturday by taking out a small Israeli flag from his sock and waving it above his head. Abbey said neither the Ghanaian FA nor Ghana as a country had a strong political position on the subject and said they were just in Germany for the World Cup. "We are not in support or against Israel or the Arab nations.
We are here to do football, we are not here to do politics." A spokesman for FIFA had said they had no problem with the gesture and Israel's Sports Minister Ofir Pines-Paz had been quoted as praising Paintsil for his actions and saying Ghana had gained many Israeli fans. __________________
Two parts what's so wrong in this "apology", first, I never knew that pride and love for one country is automatically "malice" to all Arabs, :"not out of malice for the Arab people", what does Israel have with "all Arabs? unless you count terrorists, mainly 'Palestinian terrorists'. Secondly, the part that Mr. Abbey "apologized" also in a seperated idea, apart from the "supposed" 'malice to Arabs', by saying "OR", that it was "not is support of Israel", What's wrong in that? What's the hatred alluded in it?
Isn't that funny? Often an apology is for tolerance, which is not at all the case here.

Very unfortunate that someone has to "apologize" (probably in pressure by dangerous Arab oil lobby GOLIATH MAFIA) for someone that was only feeling love, instead of "politics" or hatred.


Israel VS "palestine"


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Why so long & What's so 'Muslim' about racism against Israel's joining the International ICRC?

Israel is set to join the Red Cross after nearly six decadesHa'aretz, Israel - 2 hours agoIsrael is set to join the Red Cross movement after nearly six decades of exclusion, despite attempts by Muslim countries to derail a complex diplomatic ... Cross and crescent gone, 'red crystal' in OhmyNews InternationalAntigua represented at International Red Cross meeting AntiguaSun'Historic' Red Cross vote on MDA to be held Thursday Jerusalem Post

Has there been one nation on earth that was excluded in such a blatant hateful racist manner?
Israeli medical needs are not human needs?

Israel VS "palestine"


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Sunday, June 18, 2006

If you haven't had enough of PALLYWOOD lately, try the Jenin branch (June 2006)

All the World's a Stage


JENIN, -: A Palestinian woman looks at a militant from the Islamic Jihad as he holds his weapon after an Israeli military incursion in the northern West Bank city of Jenin 01 June 2006. Two soldiers were injured in Jenin, one lightly and the other lightly to moderately, from an explosive charge that was detonated against an IDF jeep according to Israeli radio reports. SAIF DAHLAH/AFP/Getty Images

After explaining why he believes the gunman was hamming it up for the camera, Zoran Bozicevic, a National Post associate photo editor with combat photography experience discusses an eye-opening problem for photo editors and readers:

With the rise of digital photography, barriers to entry fell in the profession: Anyone could call himself a photojournalist, pick up a camera, and e-mail photos to editors around the world. The cost-cutting media increasingly relies on these cheap, sometimes unscrupulous, local stringers. In some cases, they flout professional objectivity, and take sides in the conflict they cover. In other cases, they stage pictures to keep employers happy. Or worse, they manipulate digital pictures after the fact, turning a photo into a work of fiction.

"Palestinian" FAKE images industry

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Did -Yasser Arafat - the "Palestinians" Murder Rachel Corrie?

Did - Yasser Arafat - the Palestinians murder Rachel Corrie?

With all the revelations of Arab Muslim Palestinians killing their own (Rafah cave, Muhammad al dura, frequent sending kids as human bombs knowingly or unknowingly, Gaza beach 2006), it's not too fetched to believe that he murdered an American for that "high" goal of racist campaign to demonize Israel.

If they kill their own for that purpose, Why wouldn't these Islamofascist Arab racists kill an infidel white American?

Their highest goal is that dreadful "victimhood" side by side with demonization-of-Israel, they'd stop at nothing.

After all, it's Arafat's guys that were with her, down there, suffice one tiny shove to create their desired martyr.

The Arafati gang & only that gang had all the interest in the world for that to happen.


Their never ending thirst for new "icons" of their sacred "victimhood" to "refresh" their sick system, yet again.

Icons, icons, As Muhammad Al-Dura became an icon, until we all found out that he was killed by Arabs, so did Huda on Gaza beach 2006, until we found out that she was killed by Hamas mines.


What else are the "Arafat like" or current "Hamas like" all about?
"Improving" their brothers/sisters situation?

You got to be kidding, they will starve their people for that "victimhood" goal, again, Why do you think they haven't distributed the millions in cash (suitcases from pro-Hamas-terrorists Arab donors or from their revealed scandalous hands in the smuggling-gangs of illegal substance & "holy" prostitution in the Paraguay-Brazil border) to the REAL needy? But keep asking for higher salaries instead?
It reminds us all the events of 1948, when the Arab leaders have told the Palestinian Arabs to evacuate with arrogant promises to defeat the Zionists and 'ethnic cleanse' the area for them.
Then they've put them in "camps", never let anyone (including Israel) to improve their situtation, for fear of losing the 'demonization of Israel' effect.

That sick goal is what radical Palestinians (too bad 70% of Palestinians supported them, makes you think twice how 'normal like you & me' their majority is really like...) all about, now they can kneel down shout Allah Akbar and say that the "Zionists are their oppressors", the bloodthirsty-Jihad is thus wide open!

A sick cult bent on self proclaimed victimhood, you can expect anything from, literally.

Israel VS "palestine"


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Ghana VS 'Nation of Islam' fascists!
BBC SPORT Football World Cup 2006 Teams Ghana Ghana win friends in Israel

Ghana win friends in Israel

Ghana's John Paintsil

Paintsil plays for the Israeli side Hapoel Tel Aviv
Ghana has gained lots of new fans in Israel after their 2-0 victory over the Czech Republic on Saturday.
Defender John Paintsil, who plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv, waved the Israeli flag to celebrate the Group E victory.

Israel's Sports Minister, Ofir Pines Paz was quick to recognise Paintsil's gesture.

"We have an Israeli at the World Cup. Paintsil's gesture has warmed our hearts and many Israelis have now become supporters of Ghana," Paz said.

Paintsil joined Maccabi Tel Aviv in 2002 before switching to their city rivals Hapoel.

"I love the supporters in Israel so I decided to take out the flag," Paintsil said.

"I have played for Hapoel and Maccabi Tel Aviv and the supporters there always made me happy so I wanted to repay them."

Fifa spokesman Markus Siegler said the game's governing had no problem with Pantsil's action.

"Its like the mask incident last week when Ivan Kaviedes scored for Ecuador against Costa Rica and pulled a mask over his face to celebrate. Let's not get too petty about this. I think it's fine."

Israeli soccer pundits said Hapoel were looking to axe Paintsil from their line-up for next season but the club might now want to reconsider.

Hapoel issued a statement thanking Paintsil.

"The club is proud of its player John Paintsil, who raised the blue and white flag at the World Cup and in so doing expressed the warm ties between himself, his club and the country," Hapoel's statement read.

Ghana VS 'Nation of Islam' fascists!

Ghana all out love no PC or intolerance!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Plast-inian, the PLASTIC language of the Arab Muslim 'Palestinians'

Plast-inian, the PLASTIC language of the Arab Muslim 'Palestinians'

Whether the (so called) 'Palestinian' Arab Muslims are a "nation" that is 39 years old (since 1967) or a bit more than that or even if you believe that they are just another group of Arabs, one thing is certain, they have contributed some vocabulary, Take some PLASTINIAN lessons:

Hamas' terrorists greed for higher salaries (2006) = "starving Palestinians".

Killing it's own people (like Muhammad Al Dura 2000, Rafah 2002 in a cave & now Gaza beach 2006) = "israeli aggression".

Arab settlers (at the 1800's and their descendants) = "indigenous Palestinians".

Carefully over a lengthy period of time - planned genocide bombing attacks = "spontaneous desperation".

Aiming at babies = "freedom fighting".

Hate sermons (from radical Islamofascists at militant mosques) = "national pride".

De-legitimizing Jews' roots to their historic home = "self determination".

overwhelmingly voting in & supporting terrorists = "moderate majority".

The Egyptian born Yasser Arafat, the terror master = "fought for a Palestinian homeland".

Putting their kids in front of their machine guns = "stone throwing palestinian kids".

A terrorist that blows up innocent unarmed people = "activist"

Terrorists mingling with civilians = "israel massacre".

Exploiting & abusing IDF's humane weakness in being extra careful in anti-terror operations where civilians are caught in the middle = "palestinian heroes"


Israel "palestine" - 101


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Why the IDF is indeed the 'Most moral military in the world'

"”The IDF is the most moral military in the world. There has never been, and there isn't now, a policy of attacking civilians."

Since he didn't elaborated too much let the facts speak for themselves:

(Not only is Israel never even considering to be acting like it's coward murderous Arab Muslim counterparts to target the unarmed, not one Arab Muslim would have survived their military power, but Arab Muslim "Palestinians" orefer targeting the unarmed, the bigger the crowd of the victims the bigger their sick public joy on the Arab street, whereas on the Israeli side, IF there are non combatants civilians caught in the fire the Israelis' grief is tremendous, all that and more, here are a few points about Israel's unique higher moral ground).

  • In Jenin, the IDF went from door to door, from house to house in an ant's work, well aware of the booby trapped device that encounter them, fully aware that every door might be a trigger to a bomb that would explode on them at any second, or an "innocent" woman carrying hot burning oil to burn the "zionists".
    Why do you think the IDF didn't just blow the suspected houses off?

  • The IDF went to great length into developing a special low range missiles for use in it's anti terror operations to minimize collateral damage, taking into account the high risk in such low impact rockets could harm the operational success thus endangering lives.

  • The IDF sacrificed immensely in giving over Israel's Gaza strip to the "Palestinian" Arab Muslims, we all saw the painful heartbreaking of being forced to tear other Israelis from their historic legitimate homes, even taking into consideration that it might turn into a terrorists' hide out, lo and behold their fears became true, but their hope for peace & their sacrifice for it is never appreciated in the media.

  • While Arab Muslim "Palestinian" injured are always rushed to Israeli hospitals by the IDF, such was also the case for the Arab family that (as we all know by now) was actually killed from Hamas land mines, nevertheless, the Arab Muslim "Palestinians" never offered to rescue Israelis hit by Arab Muslim "Palestinians" in missiles or genocide bombings attacks, for those living in proximity to "Palestinian" controlled hospitals.

  • The IDF is faced with the most vicious attackers known to man, that exploit their kids as human bombs and as human shields, What is the IDF to do in shielding itself from the moral dilemma the "Palestinians" force them to encounter?
    When the cynical "Palestinians" think it's a game the IDF only tears.
    The IDF took not just once or twice many bullets when seing the shields!

  • The IDF risks much of it's defensive operations when announcing ahead of time for certain houses - for non combatants - to evacuate before entering an area.

  • The IDF humanitarian missions all over the world including to Arabs is well documented but rarely spoken about.

Yes, no other nation would be able to stand such high moral grounds in face of those that are the lowest of the lowest in morality, regards to any human life even it's own population's.


Israel "palestine" - 101


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