Sunday, June 18, 2006

Did -Yasser Arafat - the "Palestinians" Murder Rachel Corrie?

Did - Yasser Arafat - the Palestinians murder Rachel Corrie?

With all the revelations of Arab Muslim Palestinians killing their own (Rafah cave, Muhammad al dura, frequent sending kids as human bombs knowingly or unknowingly, Gaza beach 2006), it's not too fetched to believe that he murdered an American for that "high" goal of racist campaign to demonize Israel.

If they kill their own for that purpose, Why wouldn't these Islamofascist Arab racists kill an infidel white American?

Their highest goal is that dreadful "victimhood" side by side with demonization-of-Israel, they'd stop at nothing.

After all, it's Arafat's guys that were with her, down there, suffice one tiny shove to create their desired martyr.

The Arafati gang & only that gang had all the interest in the world for that to happen.


Their never ending thirst for new "icons" of their sacred "victimhood" to "refresh" their sick system, yet again.

Icons, icons, As Muhammad Al-Dura became an icon, until we all found out that he was killed by Arabs, so did Huda on Gaza beach 2006, until we found out that she was killed by Hamas mines.


What else are the "Arafat like" or current "Hamas like" all about?
"Improving" their brothers/sisters situation?

You got to be kidding, they will starve their people for that "victimhood" goal, again, Why do you think they haven't distributed the millions in cash (suitcases from pro-Hamas-terrorists Arab donors or from their revealed scandalous hands in the smuggling-gangs of illegal substance & "holy" prostitution in the Paraguay-Brazil border) to the REAL needy? But keep asking for higher salaries instead?
It reminds us all the events of 1948, when the Arab leaders have told the Palestinian Arabs to evacuate with arrogant promises to defeat the Zionists and 'ethnic cleanse' the area for them.
Then they've put them in "camps", never let anyone (including Israel) to improve their situtation, for fear of losing the 'demonization of Israel' effect.

That sick goal is what radical Palestinians (too bad 70% of Palestinians supported them, makes you think twice how 'normal like you & me' their majority is really like...) all about, now they can kneel down shout Allah Akbar and say that the "Zionists are their oppressors", the bloodthirsty-Jihad is thus wide open!

A sick cult bent on self proclaimed victimhood, you can expect anything from, literally.

Israel VS "palestine"


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