Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why the IDF is indeed the 'Most moral military in the world'

"”The IDF is the most moral military in the world. There has never been, and there isn't now, a policy of attacking civilians."

Since he didn't elaborated too much let the facts speak for themselves:

(Not only is Israel never even considering to be acting like it's coward murderous Arab Muslim counterparts to target the unarmed, not one Arab Muslim would have survived their military power, but Arab Muslim "Palestinians" orefer targeting the unarmed, the bigger the crowd of the victims the bigger their sick public joy on the Arab street, whereas on the Israeli side, IF there are non combatants civilians caught in the fire the Israelis' grief is tremendous, all that and more, here are a few points about Israel's unique higher moral ground).

  • In Jenin, the IDF went from door to door, from house to house in an ant's work, well aware of the booby trapped device that encounter them, fully aware that every door might be a trigger to a bomb that would explode on them at any second, or an "innocent" woman carrying hot burning oil to burn the "zionists".
    Why do you think the IDF didn't just blow the suspected houses off?

  • The IDF went to great length into developing a special low range missiles for use in it's anti terror operations to minimize collateral damage, taking into account the high risk in such low impact rockets could harm the operational success thus endangering lives.

  • The IDF sacrificed immensely in giving over Israel's Gaza strip to the "Palestinian" Arab Muslims, we all saw the painful heartbreaking of being forced to tear other Israelis from their historic legitimate homes, even taking into consideration that it might turn into a terrorists' hide out, lo and behold their fears became true, but their hope for peace & their sacrifice for it is never appreciated in the media.

  • While Arab Muslim "Palestinian" injured are always rushed to Israeli hospitals by the IDF, such was also the case for the Arab family that (as we all know by now) was actually killed from Hamas land mines, nevertheless, the Arab Muslim "Palestinians" never offered to rescue Israelis hit by Arab Muslim "Palestinians" in missiles or genocide bombings attacks, for those living in proximity to "Palestinian" controlled hospitals.

  • The IDF is faced with the most vicious attackers known to man, that exploit their kids as human bombs and as human shields, What is the IDF to do in shielding itself from the moral dilemma the "Palestinians" force them to encounter?
    When the cynical "Palestinians" think it's a game the IDF only tears.
    The IDF took not just once or twice many bullets when seing the shields!

  • The IDF risks much of it's defensive operations when announcing ahead of time for certain houses - for non combatants - to evacuate before entering an area.

  • The IDF humanitarian missions all over the world including to Arabs is well documented but rarely spoken about.

Yes, no other nation would be able to stand such high moral grounds in face of those that are the lowest of the lowest in morality, regards to any human life even it's own population's.


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