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Gaza Beach the Media - UN NGO - Pallywood at it's best

Gaza Beach the Media - UN NGO - Pallywood at it's best : By Gabrielle Goldwater and Judith Klinghoffer

13th June: 12.45 News from TV TSR 1 Geneva -Switzerland Scroll down to: Subject Breve internationales: Gaza plage: clickinto that title for video - give time to load: This video is short, easy, very correct: We have seen the girl wailing over her father as all other channels did show.Subject was: Investigation showed: Israel not responsible for the Gaza death, what they number as 8 deathon the video. Responsibility is placed according to that Swiss video on Hamas -mines.5 Members of the same family were killed.

At the evening news the 19.30 TSR 1 - which was delayed due to sport (soccer game France - Switzerland - 0-0)That video has not been posted for unknown reason: Usual videos areonline.That TV news did show the same video as midday - but hadsuddenly added an unnamed NGO - HRW - American walking the beach - whoclaimed it was Israel's shrapnel's and fire NOT Hamas.The Swiss TV did not mention the name of the NGO - HRW, did not go into theHRW details.Swiss Late Night Show: Go to Link: down again to: Gaza plage: click into that title for video -give time to load:It is only a repeat of the same video news as from Midday (above)Now - No more mention of theNGO-HRW. Now:Finally on France 2 TV - last news is not yet posted on their site: (00:30 time running as Iwrite - 14th June 06)Was neither posted the next morning - one asks Why - but somehow it smells- and we see the usual manipulation of France 2 - ?!remember the Al Durah fake from France 2, THE SECOND DRAFT: and Pallywood - France 2 TV shows who is the American NGO -HRW: I have not beenable to find anything online yet - accept what I myself and Judith Klinghoff hascovered (see below). Mark Garlasco HRW- NGO participates They let Mark Garlasco hold a press briefing Garlasco said:"It has been suggested by some that thefamily was killed by a land mine, and this is patently not the case," MarkGarlasco said.
"All of the evidence is pointing to a 155mm shell as having killed andinjured the Palestinians here on the beach," he said.
Garlasco further states: "My assessment isthat it's likely that this was incoming artillery fire that landed on the beachand was fired by the Israelis from the north of Gaza."
Garlasco standing in his usual pose triumphing - holding a larger shrapnelin the air approx....the size of a mans hand - darkgray-black, and he's violently claiming - this is NOT a Hamasshrapnel - but I know this type - it is Israeli. Here we see a man who is NOT a military expert nor an ammunition specialist- but happy to right out blame Israel. Amazing !!!!

France 2 still now 14th in the morning has NOT posted thevideo news on that Gaza performance with Garlasco pressinterview.After Garlasco, France 2 shows the press conference from Peretz: Mapsetc.Mr. Peretz said: The intention to describe this as an Israeli eventis simply not correct. France 2' Journalist (The name was not visible on TV- from Jerusalem) then proceeds to demand that another investigation should bedone, one that is impartial.Thanks to France 2 again.They play strongly intothe hands of the Palestinians but mainly into Garlasco - as THE Specialist who comes with the truth - no matter how slanted the truth may be, before the real Truth can get it's boots on - the Lieshave made the run of the world in less than 24 hours.Since the Manipulation is only important - Not facts - even if later itshows to be fake - The damage is done by the exposure.What amazes me - how come Garlasco was so fast in Gaza - ready to playthe expert, and has France 2 on hand and ready to go -ready to shoot.What amazed me even more - how come Garlasco would be given AShrapnel - how do we know that Shrapnel was actually from that Gaza blastwhich killed the family members ? How do we know that it may not have been any old Shrapnel - yes, possibly Israeli - from any other artillery fire from any other time and other place ?Having possibly nothing to do with this particular death ?The hundreds of Qassams being fired from Gaza at Israel are not aproblem for France 2 nor the NGO.

Manipulation of an ongoing investigation since Israel must beblamed Garlasco looked just that one bit too sure and too much incharge, trying to achieve what ?All we see in fact - that Switzerland paid not much attention to the NGO-HRW - did not even mention the name did not give any details, nor did makeany demands etc, but France 2 once more jumps to final conclusion.Israel is to blame.Almost in a frenzy of being able to have a scoop, any scoop no matter whatis the truth.

Gaza Beach another well played Pallywood with NGO and the Media being the directors.

What should be added and strikes me most:We never see any Mark Garlasco, or any other HRW/NGO, being on the spotthen and there, ready to shoot footage, condemn each time TerrorAttacks - suicide bombers murdering Israeli civilians - INTENTIONALLY -A scenario with international in depth press coverage is ONLYdriven to investigations and the heights of human interest when the Arabs arehurt.The fact remains: If the Arabs stop their terrorism against Israel whichwas the onset of all troubles - The Intifada - then there would not be anywar, nor defensive retaliations.Israel under Intl. Law has the duty and right to defend it's citizensand secure their country.Intl. Law states that "protected persons may not be used to render certainpoints or areas immune from military operations," nullifying the Argument thatthe IDF violates Intl. Law. Israel doesn't fight the Palestinian Arabs - Israel fights a war againstPalestinian Terrorists. The blame is immediately without any second thought thrownautomatically at Israel.

The Palestinian Arabs are never ONCE put at fault, nor their actionsof terrorism questioned by the NGO's.We neither see the HRW and other NGO's condemning the violent attacks thatdaily are intentionally aimed at Israel for more than 77 years by now, remember Hebron 1929 MASSACRE, the anarchy,lynching of their very own, and what is in fact now civil war within the PA Authority.

The HRW - and other NGO's are not the least disturbed, that the Palestinian Arabs did overwhelmingly vote intentionally (over 70%) a terrorist organizationas their leader, Hamas, which was NOT to set a signal of wanting change andless corruption, NO a set signal that Arabs support the destruction of the Stateof Israel.This is an intentional manipulated sham deal, feigning as alwaysfalsehood, and is very pretentious.It smells of Anti-Israel-Anti-Semitism.It is the usual follow up of the intentional UN - NGO - Anti-Israel - andPro Terrorism policy.It is once more the Pipeline of Hatred.

Lets also remember who started the Human Rights Watch- Who funds same: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH AS A POLITICAL INSTRUMENT OF LIBERAL...

There were 22 members in the Advisory Committee ofHuman Rights Watch; ... Human Rights Watch and its main donor andideologist George SorosGEORGE SOROS, POSTMODERN VILLAIN by SrdjaTrifkovic
Human Rights Watch: Continuing the Anti-IsraelCampaign ... Human Rights Watch has denounced Israel's constructionof a security barrier as a violationThis just looks like another HRW Campaign againstIsrael - as simple as that - and the Media is being recruited - esp.France 2 - Hamas getting away with Murder ?Judith got a good story on Garlasco Gaza Beach -which I post herewith Judith Apter Klinghoffer
Remember Mark Garlasco of HRW who rushed to judgement on Haditha?
Marc Garlasco, of Human Rights Watch, told reporters recently,"What happened at Haditha appears to be outright murder. The Haditha massacrewill go down as Iraq’s My Lai."
When Garlasco appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show to discuss his viewswith Hannity and retired Marine colonel Oliver North, Garlasco immediatelyback-pedaled, admitting under questioning that he had "no idea of thefacts" in the situation. Like his fellows he steadfastly refused to allowhis ignorance to prevent him from judging the Marines. As one Marine said,"killers like O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson received more respect from thepress than our fellows are getting. It’s disgraceful."
He is at it again. This time he dismisses the findings of the Israeli army investigation of theGaza Beach incident.
It concluded that Israel was not responsible for the civilian deathsbased on a careful analysis of TV film of the aftermath and shrapnel takenfrom the injured treated in Israel. Those revealed that not only was the timing of the explosion inconsistent with Israeli shelling but
Regarding the blast itself, three Palestinians were evacuated toIsraeli hospitals for emergency care.

The shrapnel taken from their bodies is not consistent with artillery shells and has reportedly been determined tohave not been made in Israel.
Regarding the crater left by the blast, the IDF claims that the disturbancein the sand is not consistent with artillery, but rather of a sub-surfaceexplosion. Artillery shells are engineered for an above-ground blast formaximum area effect, contrary to the perception most non-military people haveof an ‘impact.’ The sand disturbance, the IDF says, is more consistent withthat of a mine and not a 155mm artillery shell air-burst.
Thirdly, IDF intelligence claims that, since an Israeli special forcesbeach landing that took out a Kassam team during their launch preparations,Hamas began mining the beaches to prevent another IDF landing.
That Hamas disagrees with the findings could have been expected. But itshould NOT be expected that a person representing a major human rightsorganization will rush to support it:
An expert working for the Human Rights Watch said thePalestinians' injuries were not consistent with a blast taking place beneaththem.

"It has been suggested by some that the family was killed by a land mine,and this is patently not the case," Mark Garlasco said.
"All of the evidence is pointing to a 155mm shell as having killed andinjured the Palestinians here on the beach," he said.
"My assessment [is] that it's likely that this was incoming artillery firethat landed on the beach and was fired by the Israelis from the north ofGaza."

Of course, unlike the Israeli army investigators he does not have to produceany evidence. He can simply shoot off his mouth with the knowledge that MSM willhappily quote him. For it only demands inconvertible proof from democraticgovernments but never from tyrants, terrorists or self appointed NGO spokespersons such as Mark Garlasco. Their charges are thrown out with totalabandon regardless of the fact that they are notoriously inaccurate.
Because, MSM WANTS TO FIGHT PLAGUES, NOTHUMAN EVIL and Garlesco helps them "prove" that democratic governments areas evil as their enemies. Moreover, they together exploit the fact that asWinston Churchill said: "Evil A lie gets halfway around the world before thetruth has a chance to get its pants on."
Thank G-d to the new media. Without it, the self appointed MSM-NGO coalitionwould have the run of the globe unchallenged. As is, it is justly losingcredibility by leaps and bound though I cannot but steal Michael Ledeen plea:
Faster, please.
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Click here: History News Network Deja vu -- Judith Apter Klinghoffer
"He will not sleep nor slumber, the Guardian of Palestinian Terrorists." InJenin, the "guardian" was UN representative Terje Roed-Larsen.
In Gaza, he is HRW representative Mark Garlasco.
Then, following a spree of suicide bombings including the Passover massacre, Israel "dared" enter the placemost of the terrorist attacks were planned and prepared.
Now, following hundreds of home made rockets pounding the town of Sderot, Israel dared to shell thearea from where they were launched.
Then, despite the best Israeli efforts, some civilians were caught in thecrossfire.
Now, a family died on the Gaza beach.
Then, the terrorists charged Israel with perpetrating a massacre.
Now the terrorists charge Israel with perpetrating a massacre.
Then, a supposedly objective UN representative Larsen rushed to support their fraudulent claims.

Now, a supposedly objective HRW expert, Garlasco, rushes to support their fraudulent claims.
Then, Kofi Annan calls for a UN investigation.
Now, Kofi Annan calls for a UN investigation
Then, Israeli version proven accurate. Larsen gets promoted.
Now . . . .
What will it take for the international community to stop doubtingthe word of Israel and start doubting the word of Hamas and terrorists company?


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