Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NGO Monitor: HRW "investigator" not credible, reflects organization's political actions

In response to the Human Rights Watch press release regarding the June 9 Gaza incident --
1) HRW's "military expert", Mark Garlasco is the author of HRW's publication, Razing Rafah, (October 2004) which included many unverifiable claims.
See ;
This report was produced in order to justify the active involvement of HRW in the anti-Israel boycott campaigns. The nature of Garlasco's knowledge and claims of expertise have never been examined independently.2) HRW officials have a long and carefully documented history of exploiting human rights claims to promote a clear anti-Israel political and ideological bias.See
. HRW officials played an active role in the infamous 2001 Durban conference and have been actively involved in the demonization process.3) Garlasco does not explain the discrepancies between his claims and the IDF data, or the impact of the Palestinian efforts to alter the area and evidence at the scene of this incident.4) Therefore, as will be detailed in today's conference on NGO politics and ethics, there is no basis for accepting HRW's version as being more valid than the IDF's analysis.5) HRW calls for an independent investigation of this incident, but has never published a report on or called for an investigation of the source of Palestinian missile components, or on those responsible for these attacks. This is another example of HRW's double standard in use of human rights claims.

Gerald SteinbergEditor, NGO Monitor


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Ms. G. Goldwater Switzerland, Geneva

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