Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Desperate, desperate to be evil!

Desperate, desperate to be evil!

When I first heard that the Islamists that carried out the 9/11 massacre were desperate, I wanted to find out what it means, does IT refer to the huge sums of money Al Qaida has fed them to the sex with dhimmis before the act, or their private, relatively, normal material conditions.

When I heard about propagandists whining hypocritically about "desperate" Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' genocide bombers' "plight", I was very curious if it refers to the various cases of those having a relative normal and even established life or to those radical clerics, that send them out, sitting so comfortably on the sofa with an evil-grin after promising the poor messengers/mass murderers, from multiple sex orgys in "heaven" to money to their parents.
Or does it refer to the cold-blooded-killers' months or maybe years long planning of vicious attacks on innocent unarmed civilians, that's one mighty long "desperation".
Or maybe IT refers to their earlier massacres in the 1920's.

When I heard that the radical Muslims butchers of 9/11 had some "issues" with the US or some "dramatic" excuses, I found it extremely difficult to connect the dots to the same type of people that have planned the same attack on London (9/11/01), Why the UK?

When I kept hearing the "desperation" song post London bombing, I was curious if IT refers to the Islamists well established businessmen that carried out the attacks.

When I heard about Muslims "desperate" plots to carry out attacks in Scandinavia (said then chief intelligence officers) before the "Cartoon Jihad", I was wondering if IT refers to the Mullahs visiting in Swedish brothels, to the Muslims that found fortune in the Scandinavian hosting countries or to the extra tolerance Scandinavians have shown to the Muslim immigrants that only wish to stab them in the back.

When I heard that their "desperation" leads to kidnap & torture aid and rescue workers in Iraq, I was wondering if IT refers to a Jordanian invader fighting for a "homeland" in Iraq.

When I heard the idiotic & diabolic statements at the same time, from Islamic Hitler of Iran I was thinking, Might IT refer to his oil empire?

When I read about "BROWN" 'Palestinian' Hamas or "BROWN" to black Muslims at cartoon-Jihad rampage in Europe, silly but evil: praising "WHITE" Hitler, I was confused to what "desperation" they have reached.

Then I realized:
They're all Desperate alright, desperate to be evil!

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