Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gaza-2006, "Palestinian" dark pro-Murderous groups w/ cute names/titles: "Human rights watch" or "peace", overwhelimg evidence of "Palestinian" fault

Gaza-2006, The "Palestinian" dark pro-Murderous organizations with deceptive cute names/titles: "Human rights watch" or "peace" or "solidarity", the overwhelming factual proof to blame only "Palestinians" & media all out dumb bias

CNN's Fionnuala Sweeney ( )has quoted Israeli experts' conclusion that the Gaza deaths could not have been as a result of Israeli anti terror shells but only from "Palestinian" hamas' criminal planting their beaches with lethal mines.


Then she quoted the "Palestinian human rights watch" that the independent NGO Monitor - Human Rights NGOs - Arab Israeli Conflict ( Human Rights Watch - HRW. Founded 1988 (originally Helsinki Watch, founded in 1978); ... Director as an Agent of Palestinian Terrorist Propaganda," ... ) has concluded that the head is directly connected to terrorists groups and the entire organization in the "Palestinian" authority is a propaganda tool to "Palestinian" militants.

I want to think that Mrs. Sweeney is just duped like many are into taking the "Palestinian" tricky devious language as it appears to be.


1) Let's be all frank about it, if Israeli expertise would really have any holes in it, the very vocal extremely active Israeli left would be screaming all over it, as Israel's self criticism is, probably, number one in the world.

2) So Israeli real authentic experts had to wait until their finding came out, while totalitarian one-condemning-voice "Palestinians" immediately "knew" to blame Israel, democratic truthful Israel had to swallow world's report as IF Israel was at fault, for days, until they came with concrete evidence.

3) If someone knows before he checks it out VS someone that is researching it, I would go with the latter.

4) If a totalitarian cult with 70% voting and supporting terrorists, full of empty blown drama & experienced lying entity (Jenin Hoax, Muhammad Al Dura that the Arabs killed and blamed Israel for long months & more) tells me a story, but the diversity of democratic self-examined society tells me another thing, I would go with the latter.

5) I knew it immediately when the Arab "Palestinians" refused to cooperate with Israeli investigation, What where they afraid of?

Why would the media not be that logical?


Check this out:
The media first reported last Friday (June 10) as a "fact" that 'Israel killed them', instead of reporting, that it is the "Palestinians" who believe (or would like us to believe) that, now when the evidence out of Israeli hospitals (where the dead were) shows us otherwise, the media reports it as "Israel says", How come?

Israel "palestine" 101

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