Friday, June 16, 2006

The overwhelming wrong "Palestinians"!

A sinful majority & a terrible mainstream

I do try to be tolerant to everyone, frankly, their 70% support for genocide does not help me.

The entire "Palestinian" society is a sick system, from the indoctrination to the death cult (recruiting to or glorifying mass murderers as "martyrs") to their mainstream media to their mainstream schools/Mosques, etc. Suffice to say, Watch a normal Israeli TV program VS a "normal" 'Palestinian' one, an all out warning if you attempt to listen to their Friday sermons from the mosques.

No, the problem is not just with a "fringe" group, or just with the "radicals", these radicals wouldn't stand a chance if their support in the mainstream 'Palestinian' would not hail them.

Israel vs evil

  • A cult that has a "Shahid" instead of a humanitarian master, a Jihadist instead of a writer/singer/player, a cold blooded murderer instead of an advanced doctor/scientist as a model, is sick to the core.

  • The vicious game, humane Israeli soldiers work extremely hard in fighting Arab 'Palestinian' terrorists to avoid hitting non combatants & the 'palestinians' continue to use them as shields.

  • Moreover, Arab Muslims adult using their kids as pawns in their propaganda sacred war, so desperate & obsessed that they kill their own (Muhammad Al Dura, Rafah youth, Gaza beach 2006 & more) only to tarnish Israel.

What are they all about?

Their open admission of 'Kill a Jew & go to heaven' (not kill a zionist soldier...) or their declarations like: "We are a nation that drinks blood" tells us what's their real agenda, all those phrases of "freedom fighting", "against occupation" or any other slogans never had any connection to true reality, they started their Arab racism & Islamic Jihad, both - the motives for anti-Israelism, murderous genocide campaign in the 1920's long before all the current propaganda titles were invented.


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