Saturday, June 17, 2006

Plast-inian, the PLASTIC language of the Arab Muslim 'Palestinians'

Plast-inian, the PLASTIC language of the Arab Muslim 'Palestinians'

Whether the (so called) 'Palestinian' Arab Muslims are a "nation" that is 39 years old (since 1967) or a bit more than that or even if you believe that they are just another group of Arabs, one thing is certain, they have contributed some vocabulary, Take some PLASTINIAN lessons:

Hamas' terrorists greed for higher salaries (2006) = "starving Palestinians".

Killing it's own people (like Muhammad Al Dura 2000, Rafah 2002 in a cave & now Gaza beach 2006) = "israeli aggression".

Arab settlers (at the 1800's and their descendants) = "indigenous Palestinians".

Carefully over a lengthy period of time - planned genocide bombing attacks = "spontaneous desperation".

Aiming at babies = "freedom fighting".

Hate sermons (from radical Islamofascists at militant mosques) = "national pride".

De-legitimizing Jews' roots to their historic home = "self determination".

overwhelmingly voting in & supporting terrorists = "moderate majority".

The Egyptian born Yasser Arafat, the terror master = "fought for a Palestinian homeland".

Putting their kids in front of their machine guns = "stone throwing palestinian kids".

A terrorist that blows up innocent unarmed people = "activist"

Terrorists mingling with civilians = "israel massacre".

Exploiting & abusing IDF's humane weakness in being extra careful in anti-terror operations where civilians are caught in the middle = "palestinian heroes"


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