Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The ever so predictable UN - dicacted by the Islamo Arab mafia - has become a joke, no wonder

The ever so predictable UN - dictated by the Islamo Arab mafia - has become a joke, no wonder

Ever wondered why Iran, N. Korea, previously Saddam and others, couldn't care less about UN "resolutions" and "condemnations"?

The UN, especially under Kofi Annan, cares about anything?
Would it really not be effective, if it wanted to, in stopping the largest genocide today, the Arab militias' slavery and mass murder in the Sudan?

How about no one sees the UN but a political tool.

Take for example the "traditional" anti Israel "resolutions/condemnations", dicated by the most powerful active LOBBY - MAFIA, the Arab Muslim one of course.

The ever so predictable UN has become a joke, no wonder.

Where is the UN when the Arab Palestinians fire rockets into Israeli residential houses? (that brought the Israeli anti terror action in Gaza (Oct-Nov 2006)

Where's ever the UN's "condemnation" of Arab Palestinian parents in sending their women and children to be human bombs and human shields, before and at Beit Hanoun (Oct 2006) ?

http://www.infoisrael.net/cgi-local/text.pl?source=4/b/viii/311020061 Why Blame Israel by Neil Lochery US vetoes

UN condemnation of Israel's Gaza strikes http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/11/11/un.israel/

The same Arab Muslim MAFIA that does not let the UN stop the Sudan genocide, after all it's Arabs who are doing that - the biggest calamaty since WW2.

Somebody really thought that anyone in Israel would be impressed with UN's unusual condemnation on Hezbullah's invasion and starting the war (Aug, 2006), when it was really attached with "condemning" also Israel for the so called "excessive force", just How many Lebanese would be saved if Israel would really not be so heroically restrained?

Actually I am quite impressed by the SHOW the Arab press is putting down how "angry the Arab world" is about US' veto (Nov, 2006), whom are they kidding.

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