Saturday, October 21, 2006

Arabist media: "Naiive" in Lebanon but "smart" in Iraq...

Arabist media: "Naiive" in Lebanon but "smart" in Iraq...

When to play a naiive not-thinking-too-much reporting & when to be an overly 'smart' so sophisticated you need a real imagination for it.
Take a look at the Sep/2006 Islamic terror Hizballah invading of Israel and targeting of civilians, shooting out of fellow Lebanese residential houses so to cause Arab deaths.
You would expect the media to be a bit not that shallow, not to fall into Huzbullah vicious tactics but rather blame the culptit, even if the reporter wants to shock us - sensational journalism, at least have the decency and connect it to the thugs that are the only once interested in Arab civilians deaths, (in that cult of seeking "victimhood" and graphic photos that plays well in their "heroism").
But no, the Arabist media with it's leading champion BBC at each drama playing of Lebanese, (or rather at each NOT playing of any Israeli cvictims' scenes, but that's besides the point), all of a sudden the most sophisticated reporters got so little, dropped down so 'first graders' that couldn't see beyond the shell of the IDF that was only intended for armed terrorists of course.
You saw it time and time again, how the vicious Huzbullah shoots out of a civilian house and so cowardly runs away, so that the human shield is the one that is killed, but the BBC "hears, sees no evil", that is in Lebanon.
Boy do they have intrepretations when Iraqi Sunnis and Iraqi Shiites and foreign Arab Muslim all mass murder each other on a daily basis, then they only see three steps -- what they consider -- "ahead".
Then they wear the thick dark professor glasses and blame of course all of us westerners, or more conveniently Bush/Blair, as if inner sectarian was not simmering before dictator Saddam held the grip and the feeding spoon in his same brutal hand or in his boot.

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