Monday, October 16, 2006

The Arab world's hatred, racism, & Islamofascism's Jihad drive to isolate, hurt and demonize Israel

The Arab world's hatred, racism, & Islamofascism's Jihad drive to isolate, hurt and demonize Israel

As Israel is the non Arab, non Muslim 'entity' in Islamo Arab world, the campaign of genocide on the Jews that has started (before the sophistication of excuses like "occupation" or so many new & more "modern" terms thereafter, whether it's emphasizing Israeli security checkpoints on Arab Palestinians -- branding them as "racist" -- more than all the checkpoints inside "proper" Israel on ALL Israelis that are ignored, or that lie of "apartheid wall" when it really seperates between the same Arabs but with different passports, again for security reasons) the 'pure motives' are clear racist and facistic campaign that has been going on for years.


The objecive of isolotaing Israel is another cruelty, it contains in it the purpose of demonizations as well, the psychology of "punishing" Israel is already the wanted message (by Arab racists) how "bad" Israel is, the message that has been developed in their industry for over 50 years, Israel's conduct has little to do with it other than being used in one way or another -- whatever Israel does, if Israel is fighting initiated Arab attackers strongly they are of course "evil", if super kind Israel makes all the time gestures to the Arab Palestinians on the expense of Israel's security (not excluding Gaza give away of 2005), it is because they are "weak" -- only to boost it even further.


No other nation on earth is facing that "question" of being recognized, which is one of the classic faces of Islamofascism, that effects you even if you are a moderate Muslim like Malasyia or Indonesia.

The very much undiscussedArab (oil) mafia that dictates so much in UN's "policies", that power that cripples so many nations that would otherwise voted and behaved entirely differently, whether via oil politics or the Arabs' power not only in the middle east but in all of Africa & far beyond. Diverstment watch

Boycott of Israeli Academics

AntiSemitism & Racism

What's in a boycott? The campaign to delegitimize Israel has ... British leftists members of the academia ...

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