Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good vs Evil (Israel vs "Palestine")

* Israelis are so very happy each time their anti terrorists operations are without collateral damage, Arab Muslims dance in the streets each time they succeed in their goal of massacring more unarmed innocent.
The more victims the bigger the dance.
Tells you who is what.

* Israeli authority swiftly arrests each isolated "extremist" that just plans to hurt Arab property, Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' authority carries out it's own Fatah's 'Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade' direct massacres or indirect via greenlighting Hamas & Islamic Jihad thugs (in 2006 Hamas the recognized terrorist organization is officially elected and heading the 'Palestinians').

* Israel was the first in the middle east to give Arab women to vote in the sea of Islamo Arab dictatorship & tyranny, Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' don't even let Jews live under their "territories" (ethnic cleansing).

* An Arab Muslim, whether of Israeli regular citizenship or a member of it's multi-racial parliament, can say whatever he wants in Israeli public, an Israeli needs a brigade to guard him for being in Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' territory.

* Israel teaches, freedom, liberty, equality, understanding, Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' teach hate, mass-murder-glorification, etc. http://teachkidspeace.org .

* Israel goes into great length in developing special low range minimal damage, high precision small missiles to target only terrorists, Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' are getting more sophisticated in their genocide bombings and missile launching into Israeli residential homes.

* Israel with it's great restraint, is more careful on Arab kids than their own parents are, (exactly why) Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' put their kids in front of their cannons or shoot from the most crowded places (to shield themselves & to tarnish Israel, in case more Arabs fall).

* Israel is flooded with peace movements and activism for Arab 'Palestinians', whereas on the Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' side there is not even one voice for the Israeli victims!


* From the Apartheid Arab regimes vs Israel's super democracy - diary


* Palestinian Muslim propaganda "photos" vs real Islamic Palestinian Crime Photos
(Those vicious Arab adults use of kids as shields to shoot from behind them are the only at fault for their deaths!)


The real victims = ISRAELIS!!!
(of the Genocide campaign by Arab Muslim (so called:) "Palestinians"

* Some of the Victims of Palestinian Arab Heinous Crimes


* Remember the faces of the victims!




Lynching - the bloody cult, http://www.faithfreedom.org/Gallery/7.htm


"Proud" Muslim palestinians displaying bodyparts of innocent victims.


"Palestinian" parents/teachers from hell, "Palestinian" 'special' child abuse & why their kids die... ( http://www.littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/pal-child-abuse/ )


See more here "A Lesson in Children Education"


"Palestinian" Arabs vicious use of own kids as human shields shooting & firing rockets at Israelis (they know that the high moral Israelis aren't able to shoot them while they're surrounding themselves with their kids ( http://www.intelligence.org.il/eng/sib/4_04/y_apa.htm )

http://www.amitiesquebec-israel.org/texts/criminal.htm CRIMINAL USE OF CHILDREN (As human bombs, human shields etc.)




No Moral Equivalence!
The essence of the differences (more at: http://teachkidspeace.org )


The Difference Between the IDF and the Arab Armies http://idfisrael.com


Fake "palestinians", Fake "victims"! (http://inhonor.net )

Savage "palestinians" killing their own people, in front of everyone there, some "society" alright!




Sick "joy", their UNIQUE bloody cult of dancing to non-Muslims' pain, suffering and bloodshed

* * *

Arab Muslim "Palestinian" Rally = for violence & bloodshed, glorifying murder & genocide

Palestinian Poll: attacks on Israel legitimate, support attacks in USA and Europe

* * *

Israel rallies = for


giving even more concessions to the enemy that wishes more dead babies!


More on peace at: http://tapuzisrael.tripod.com/peace.html

* * *
http://www.middle-east-info.org/gateway/supportisrael/ Support Israel over Tyranny - Israel the Gem in the Jungle


Good VS Evil, Israel to give medical supplies to greedy PA that wouldn't reduce their salaries...

Again HUMANE & Super- restrained Israel only attacks terrorists after warning to civilians to evacuate

Israel "palestine" 101


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