Thursday, May 18, 2006

In Search of Real Moderates

As the clear reality is that you could judge them by the most sensitive (in their eyes) measurement, i.e. vis-a-vis Israel [testing anti-Israel bigotry].
* Arabs for Israel!
* Free Choudry, Bangladeshi hero, jailed by Islamic republic for speaking for Israel's plight!
* Muslim pro-Israel activist threatened
* Irshak Manji
* Anti Terror Pro Israel Sheikh
* Collection of some Muslims
* Peace!
* Prof. Khaleel Mohammed - Symposium: The Koran & Anti-Semitism The Koran and the Jews
* Christian site's page on pro Israel Muslims
* Pro-Israel Palestinians
* Arabs Who Speak Up
* Canada's Pro-Israel Muslims
* [Ehsanul Haque] Muslim academic
* The Maldives & Israel
* Righteous Muslims and Arabs, This page is a tribute to the righteous Muslims and Arabs who risk life and limb defending liberty, freedom, Israel, the US and Western Democracy.
The interviews that shook the Arab Muslim world
WAFA SULTAN Wafa Sultan joins Tovia in her First English Language Interview "They (i.e., Muslims) have been hostages of their own beliefs for 14 centuries" Wafa Sultan interviewed HOT VIDEO ON THE INTERNET
to educate Muslims about dangers presented by Islamic religious texts and why Islam must be reformed. to educate non-Muslims about the differences between moderate Muslims and Islamists (a.k.a. Islamic Religious Fanatics, Radical Muslims, Muslim Fundamentalists, Islamic Extremists or Islamofascists). to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims alike that Moderate Muslims are also targets of Islamic Terror

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