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Avivim school bus massacre by 'Palestinian' Arab Muslim terrorists the DFLP - in Avivim, Israel; May 8, 1970

Avivim school bus massacre by 'Palestinian' Arab Muslim terrorists the DFLP - in Avivim, Israel; May 8, 1970

Palestinian terrorists from the 'Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine' (DFLP) attacked the town's school bus, killing twelve people, mostly children.

Nahariya/Avivim School Bus Attack, 1970

On May 8, 1970 there was a brutal attack on an Israeli school bus by Palestinian terrorists who crossed the Lebanese border. Avivim, an agricultural community established in 1963, is just metres from the border with Lebanon. Settled and built from the ground up by Moroccan immigrants, the majority of the residents belonged to one of two families; Peretz or Biton. The local council bus picked up children each morning to take them to two schools.The terrorists knew the schedule of the bus and were able to ambush it. They fired on the bus, killing the adults instantly. The bus driver continued until he himself was shot. Then the bus crashed, injuring many of the remaining children. The attack caused the death of 9 children (aged between six and nine) and 3 adults, and left 19 others crippled for life.The terrorists were never apprehended.

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)1970: Avivim school bus massacre by palestinian militants, killed nine children, three adults and crippled 19. 1972: The Japanese Red Army claimed ... Reviews for Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti ...... like the 1929 massacre in Hebron, or the 1938 massacre in Tiberias, or the killings between 1936-1939, or the 1970 school bus massacre in Avivim, ...

Major Terror Attacks (1952-1989) May 22, 1970 - Avivim, Israel Terrorists attack schoolbus, killing 12 (9 of whom were children), and wounding 24.

Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis pre and post Munich...wounded in the Maalot Massacre, perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists ... May 8, 1970 - Moshav Avivim, Israel: Palestinian Terrorists ... [PDF]

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict - War crimesThe 1929 Hebron massacre of Jews by Muslims has no such excuse. ... Avivim school bus massacre, 1970 · Lod Airport Massacre, 1972 · Munich Olympic Massacre, ...

As history repeats, unwilling to be driven out

Shimon Biton, head of the Residents Committee in the border village of Avivim, decided to remain in his home under the threat of rocket attacks from Hezbollah guerrillas that are pounding populated areas in northern Israel.

AVIVIM, Israel - The scars on Shimon Biton's body, still hurting after 36 years, tell him to stay.

"I've lived here 40 years," said Biton, 44, head of the residents' association at the collective farm here on the border with Lebanon, which has become one of the main launching sites for Israeli army attacks into Lebanon. "Hezbollah hasn't pushed me out. They've tried before."

In fact, it was Palestinian guerrillas who penetrated the Israeli perimeter from Lebanon on the morning of May 22, 1970, and used a bazooka to ambush a school bus. Biton was 7 years old. He and his father were on the bus, which was taking children from Avivim to a school in nearby Rehinia. The dead included eight children and four adults. Biton's father was one of them. Biton's injuries kept him in a hospital for six months.,0,6490506.story?coll=ny-worldnews-toputility

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