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Maalot Massacre, Remember the Maalot Children, among the so many victims of 'Palestinian' butcher Arafat

Maalot Massacre, Remember the Maalot Children of the massacre, among the so many victims of 'Palestinian' butcher Arafat


May 1974


"Palestinians" hijack kids, they kill [total of] 27 and injure 134

Ma'alot (or Maalot), 1974

The beautiful northern Israel town of Ma'alot is located in the Western Galilee, 20 km east of Nahariya, and less than an hour's drive from Haifa. Ma'alot was founded in the 1950s when hundreds of thousands of immigrants came to Israel from North Africa, refugees from hostile Arab nations where they were no longer safe. The Israeli Government at that time decided to place new immigrants in development towns such as Ma'alot.

On May 15, 1974 (Israel's Independence Day) a group of 11th grade students from Safed (Tsfat) were on a field trip to the Golan, a full day of hikes. That night, the children were housed at a school in Ma’alot where they slept on the floor. During the night, three Arab terrorists dressed as IDF soldiers attacked the school, killing the guard and some of the children. Some of the children escaped by jumping out of a window on the second floor and the rest were held as hostages.

In the morning the terrorists were identified as members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) who had infiltrated from Lebanon. The DFLP is a Marxist-Leninist and formerly pro-Soviet group that split from the Popular Font for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in 1969. They presented their demands: release Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons, or they will start to kill the children. The deadline was set at 6:00PM the same day.

The Knesset met in emergency session. Although Israel’s policy forbid negotiation with terrorists, the plight of the children forced an exception. By 3:00PM a decision was reached to negotiate, but the terrorists refused a request for more time.

At 5:45PM a unit of the elite Golani brigade stormed the building. All of the terrorists were killed in the assault, but not before they took the lives of 21 children. There were a total of 26 victims, including several people murdered by the terrorists on their way to the school the night before.

In Beirut, eloquent demonstrations honoring the fallen fedayeen as noble martyrs of the cause were ordered by Nayef Hawatmeh, the DFLP leader.

TARGET: ISRAELI CHILDREN* In May 1974, Palestinian terrorists attacked a bus with students from Safed, who were on tour to Ma’alot, killing 22 children. ...

15 May 1974 27 killed, 134 injured in attack on Ma'alot;
terrorists killed 2 people in initial attack and took 90 children hostage; most casualties were inflicted by the terrorists during a rescue attempt in which 20 children and 1 soldier were killed
(along with all three terrorists) worst.html

Ma'alot massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A total of 26 Israeli children were killed and more than 60 people were wounded in what became known as the Maalot Massacre[1]. ...'alot_massacre

Steven Plaut on Israel & Maalot Massacre on National Review OnlineLabor leaders even invited several of the leaders of the PDFLP, the organization that massacred the Maalot children, to move to the West Bank... ent -plaut050902.asp

The Maalot school massacre - Yet for me, the most disturbing of his exploits was the Maalot school massacer - where 25 school children were murdered in cold blood in 1974. ... /t -7249.html

Ma’alot After hjiking a whole day, the children slept on the floor of a school in Ma’alot. A guard was posted outside but during the night he was overpowered and ...

BBC ON THIS DAY 15 1974: Teenagers die in Israeli school attack Up to seven children were injured, nine critically, after Israeli troops stormed the building in an attempt to free the youngsters in Ma'alot, ...

Arafat the monster - The Boston Globe "I remember well when the Israelis re-conquered the West Bank more than two years ... The 21 dead children of Ma'alot -- 21 of the thousands of who died at ...
Remembering Arafat's victims The 21 dead children of Ma'alot — 21 of the thousands of innocents who died...

The 21 dead children of Ma'alot -- 21 of the thousands of who died at [monsterous] Arafat's command

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