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Jewish Donations to Humanitarian Causes
According to research conducted by the non-profit Institute for Jewish and Community Research, 25 percent of the largest donations that are received by educational institutions are from Jewish donors. More than 70 percent of grants that Jewish foundations make for humanitarian needs go to non-Jewish causes. Tzedakah as a Jewish ethical and religious principle has a profound effect not only on the survival and success of Jewish charities, but upon the health of North American humanitarian causes in general.


Why Charity by Jews is Important to World Causes

Survey which estimated 62 percent of U.S. Jews give to non-Jewish causes, ...

Why Aren't Jews Giving to Jews? | Los Angeles | Jewish Journal 26 Jun 2003 ... of America's biggest Jewish and non-Jewish givers over a six-year period. .... Even among the most substantial donors to Jewish causes, far larger sums go to general universities and museums, Wertheimer noted. ...

Charity Hits Back in Feud Over Arab Aid –, Ripped by Right for Postwar Help To Non-Jews, Ruskay Cites Values ... most Israeli Arabs showed disloyalty to Israel during the war and ... At least one major donor to Jewish charitable causes, Gary Erlbaum, ...

"The highest form of charity is to take a poor person into partnership"

Jewish traditions teach us to see the world globally in ever-widening ripples of responsibility. Our family lies closest to us, our community next, and so on. Tzedek believes that the ripples don’t stop rippling at a certain point beyond which we have no responsibility. Our belief in Tikkun Olam, repairing of the world, stretches beyond racial or religious boundaries.

UK Jews help Kashmir relief | Human Aid Focus has so far raised £90000 - including the £35000 pledged by the World Jewish Aid charity. It is hoped that the bulk of this money will be ...

The Jewish Response to Hunger It is the fulfillment of a mitzvah, a commandment, to a fellow human being, ... So important was the giving of charity by Jews that Maimonides was able to ...

Big Medicine by Team EMS.American Jewish World Services (AJWS) [Jan 12 06 New York NY]--AJWS is an ... of the poor and needy, Jews and non-Jews, and even enemies who are in need. ... of human suffering, the development of people and the fostering of charity...
American Jewish World Service - CVC 2009 Charity Profile... American Jewish World Service works in partnership with local grassroots ... to help heal the world; reaches out to affiliated and non-affiliated Jews ... As both an international development and a Jewish organization, AJWS

Jews and non-Jews often comment on the fact that "Jews give a great deal to charity". What compels Jews to "give a great deal to charity"? What is the mainspring of this belief, and does it have a place in our larger society?

Bostoner Rebbe, the ultimate bridge builder10 Dec 2009 ... The Rebbe had no formula for reaching out and touching people.


He redoubled his efforts on behalf of the ill through ROFEH (Reaching Out — Furnishing Emergency Healthcare). He and the rebbetzin had always taken in the sick, but now he hired a staff and raised funds to buy apartments so that more people, for longer periods of time, could receive medical treatment in Boston. He galvanized volunteers — this one, a driver, that one, a translator, a third one, a medical contact person. This free service was (and remains) for Jews, observant and non-observant, and for non-Jews. The mitzvah is to save a life, anybody’s life, the Rebbe said.

Brazilian Jews' Ad Campaign Shows They Care About Society... to form human chains spelling out the words "Judaism feels good and does good." ... "We wish to reach those who are distant from any kind of Jewish life by ... do as Jews not only for Jews, but for everyone who needs charity,"


Israeli - Palestinian Relationship... Hadassah treats all people, regardless of ethnicity or religion. In fact at the start of the recent cycle of violence, HMO Director, Professor Avi Israeli, extended Hadassah’s assistance to several local Arab hospitals, including to Al-Makasid hospital in East Jerusalem.

Last week, a top ranking Palestinian official brought his son to Hadassah Hospital for treatment of meningitis.

Hadassah continues to receive inquiries from the American Red Cross about treating injured Palestinian children from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. If the parents agree to treatment, HMO will arrange for transportation and provide treatment.

Amid the Killing, E.R. is an Oasis - TIME At Hadassah, Jews save Arabs... Though the hospital ... her for abandoning needy Palestinians to treat Israelis and kept the news of her ...,9171,1101030623-458754,00.html

Seeking to Rob Israel of Good PR, PA Sentences Its Sick to Die Israeli Hospital also treats Palestinian terrorists, 18 May 2002 ... Israeli hospital treated both sides during Jenin battle ... Israeli hospitals continued to treat sick and wounded Israelis and Palestinians, civilians, soldiers and ...

Israeli doctors continue to treat Palestinian children | opinion, Palestinian children with severe health problems receive free treatment at Israeli hospitals. I recently visited the Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer to meet ...

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