Sunday, February 04, 2007

The FASCISM in Mainstream Islam

The FASCISM in Mainstream Islam


A look into a "moderate" Mainstream Mosque, what "normal Muslim clerics" preach... lgf: Islamic Hatred in Mainstream Aussie Mosques Islamic Jew hatred contained ... disseminated by the most respected, mainstream Islamic institutions.


I am tired of the MSM's PC preaching to us about "most of Muslims are moderate".

1) Why do normal clerics preach fascism?

2) Why do "normal Muslims" elect and choose fascist leadership? (Bin Laden's popularity even in those "friendly" Arab nations, "Palestinian" Arabs voting for Hamas, Hezbollah, choosing/backing those clerics).

3) Have we seen any outrage by Muslims over Islamists' crimes in the name of Islam? (Brigitte of tells of a Muslim cleric that planned to make a demonstration against terrorism, how MOST MUSLIM LEADERS IN THE US, not only did not help him, but choose instead to castigate him, saying he is not a true Muslim, that moderate cleric, at the end, no more than 50 (!!!) Muslims showed up, imagine that.

4) The sickening "cult of excuses" from "palestine" through Shah-supporting, through Afghanistan, to Iraq, is infected in almost all Muslims. Remember! The Islamic terrorists on the field rely ONLY on the mainstream (CAIR, Anyone?) Muslims that apologize for them.


The Myth of "Moderate" Islam

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