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The "palestinian" Death Cult

The "palestinian" Death Cult

Take it straight from the horse's mouth Hamas Official: Is Violence a Palestinian Disease
Hamas Official: Is Violence a Palestinian Disease? Source: Reuters By Nidal al-Mughrabi October 17 2006. GAZA (Reuters) - A senior figure in Hamas, ...

The death cult that has no problem using own kids as human bombs & human shields.
Teach Kids Peace – Teenage Human Bombs
Seeking a Martyr's Death: Video & Report ... Cult of Violence Persists in Palestinian Areas ...

Any wonder when there is a wall, God's help, holding back Genocide Bombers that they find each other to kill?

Civil War in Gaza / Almost like Baghdad ("Palestinian" death cult)

Civil War in Gaza / Almost like Baghdad Haaretz ^ Feb. 3 2007

By Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff Gaza is looking a lot like Beirut circa 1975 these days, if not present-day Baghdad.The streets are half-empty, there are barricades on the corners, militants in street clothes exchange fire with an unidentified enemy, men carry bleeding children to hospitals that are incapable of dealing with their patient load. The Palestinians are still one up on the other two conflicts, in that the religious and sectarian aspects of the conflict are less obvious.The warring parties share the same religion and nationality, which may be keeping the violence from erupting into another Iraq. There are no guarantees, however. Within Fatah, there are rumors that Hamas might use suicide bombers and car bombs against it.How close is Israel to getting sucked into the Gazan vortex? Closer than one might think. Last week Israel declined to respond forcefully to the Islamic Jihad suicide bombing in Eilat...(Excerpt) Read more at ...


Israel "palestine" 101

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