Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Palestinians" death cult - Humanity turned Upside down

"Palestinians" death cult - Humanity turned Upside down
Humanity values VS "Palestinian" Cult

  • 9/11 & other terror victims in agony are to be cheered, danced & laughed at but monsters on humanity (on non Arabs & on their own people like) Al-Zarqawi & Saddam Hussein are to be sympathized with.

  • They tell us day & night that they are about "freedom", yet, in their entire violent totalitarian society, not one person is ever really free.

  • If they deliberately send their kids to be killed as murderers (bombers or shields for adult shooters), How do they expect us to take them seriously when they make a scene each time they have a way to pin it on Israeli anti-terror operations (even in those incidents that we can prove yet, that they killed them in order to tarnish Israel as we all have seen in various infamous cases)?

  • At the most vital police work such as arresting mass murderers terror masters, they dramatically whine: "genocide", but Genocide bombing is covered as a "resistance".

  • A fence between Arabs/Jews in Israel on one side and Arab "Palestinian" terrorists on the other side they call it "apartheid".
    But Apartheid against non Arabs non Muslims is automatically turned into: "independence".

  • Shooters, bombers sneaking unexpected attacking so cowardly the unarmed men, women & children they "proudly" call "heroes" & high moral Israeli soldiers refusing to fire at civilians the terrorists mingle with, they brand as "weak" and "cowardice".

  • (In an effort to balance the picture out they simply distort it,) Israel's portion that objected being forced to be 'ethnic cleansed' (that Israel was FORCED to carry out) from their legitimate & historic homes, they call: "extremists", but majority of Arab Muslim "Palestinians" that voted for Hamas terrorists are called "moderates".

  • They would want us to believe that the 'Middle east' conflict has a part in 'why they hate us' but their producing of notorious PALLYWOOD videos (killing their own & blaming Israelis among other low tricks) they incite the entire Arab Muslim world with, (such was the ENTIRE latest Intifadah the Muhammad Al Dura hoax production,) they are never blamed for the incitement.

  • Israeli Zionist Jews that work on behalf of "Palestinians" to improve their conditions are all over the place but you won't find ANY Arab Muslim "Palestinian" even raising a voice for Israeli victims of their genocide campaign.

  • They tell their children [in their mainstream TV & schools] that a mass murderer is a "Shahid" martyr - super-human, and a victim of terror is is 'not human (enough)'.

  • Massacres on non combatant Israelis they call; "fighting oppression" but oppressing their own people they polish it as:"internal fighting".


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