Sunday, July 20, 2008

'Palestinian' Savages

Dealing with Savages... [July 19, 2008 ] Four times since 1948 the Arab countries have attacked Israel with the objective of exterminating every Jew who lived there. The result of these wars was defeat and humiliation for the Arabs and more-defensible borders for the Israelis.

Photos: Palestinian savages shoot, beat, stomp alleged collaborator

The Palestinian savages threw stones at Jews because real weapons were hard to procure. The PLO knows what we all know; namely, that Olmert is afraid to ...

Palestinian Car Swarm WatchThere were no dead bodies in the car after today’s failed missile attack, so raging Palestinian savages had to rip apart the car instead. ...

...another Palestinian savage

Blood on his hands, a Palestinian savage waves to the crowd after lynching innocent Israeli FATHER to death--see below.

Savage "palestinians" cheer for massacre
-Palestinians celebrate in the streets of Gaza City after news spread about gunman who fired into crowded Jerusalem rabbinical seminary, slaughtering eight students, wounding nine.

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