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The Arabs that Pushed us to war in Iraq, Where are they now?

The Hypocrite Arabs that pushed for war in Iraq and play now "anti war". (written in 2006)

The Arabs that Pushed us to war in Iraq, Where are they now?

Iraqi refugees hope for US strike

Iraq exiles back Blair's stance 18 February, 2003

An Egyptian Columnist Attacks Pro-Iraqi Arab Lobby (so there is an Arab Lobby pro Iraq war...)

Arabs, not Jews, driving Bush’s Iraq plans” (2002)

Iraqi refugees now in the US are united by tragedy, hatred of Saddam Hussein ... Give us the temporary support we need (1998)

Arab states have escalated their attacks on Iraqi President Saddam ... "There is no shred of support for Saddam anywhere in the Arab scene," (1999)

Several Arab nations will support war on Iraq (9/23/02) The UAE supported the U.S.-led War on Terror and the initial military ... have Iraq placed under the tutelage of the United Nations (UN) and the Arab League ...

Iraqi Pupils in U.S. Deal With Mixed Reactions, Emotions "I tell him what Saddam did to us, and why I'm here as an Iraqi who left behind ... "American Schools in Middle East Keep a Wary Eye on War," April 2, 2003. ...

Anti-war protesters have no idea: refugee A Sydney Iraqi family has slammed ongoing Australian anti-war protests, saying demonstrators have no idea who or what they are campaigning for.


Above are just a few examples, though it is true that most Arab leaders never cared about the suffering of their brothers in Iraq, but the minority that did push for the war, where are they now???

I am tired of seing the Arab world's all-of-a-sudden so cowardly change of tune and backing off of US' war in Iraq.


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Shocker: Palestinians Using EU Foreign Aid to Incite Genocide Against Jews...

Shocker: Palestinians Using EU Foreign Aid to Incite Genocide Against Jews…

Shocker: Palestinians Using EU Foreign Aid to Incite Genocide Against Jews…

It’s no secret what they’re using our money for and yet we continue to heap hundreds of millions of dollars on the PA, through our governments we are complicit in this….

(JPost)- A British taxpayer watchdog group unveiled two reports on Monday detailing the role of European foreign aid in the transmission of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic narratives in Palestinian Authority schools and media in Jerusalem.

The reports, “Palestinian Hate Education Since Annapolis” and “Funding Hate Education,” detail what the Taxpayers’ Alliance refers to as a campaign of “demonizing Israel” largely funded by European taxpayers, a policy it says diminishes long-term hopes for peace.

“It’s rare we see it [foreign aid] doing as much harm to the British taxpayers as we do in this case,” he said.

According to the Taxpayers’ Alliance, European foreign aid provided to the PA, including €420 million and £63.6m. in 2007 alone, “create[s] a responsibility to ensure that the Palestinian Authority does not misuse its budget.”

Rest here>>>

H/T:Jihad Watch

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Israel VS Genocide

Israel vs Genocide

Israel vs Islamo Arab campaign of Genocide

Attempted Genocide From the Start.[1]
Israel has always faced (radical) Arab genocide, To fully understand current conflicts in the Middle East, history must be recalled. [2]
It exist a common phrase: 'If the Jews would just lay down their weapons there would be no more Israel' [3].

D. Radyshevsky (2003): "There is such a word. It is "genocide".
In 1948, five Arab armies tried to choke the Israeli state in embryo form. Days before the invasion, Azzam Pasha, the General Secretary of the Arab League, announced, "This will be a war of extermination, a momentous massacre, which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades."
In 1967, Egypt's Nasser declared, a few days before the war, "Our main task is to destroy Israel."
Syria's Assad echoed, "It is time to embark on a war of annihilation."
The same sentiments were voiced in 1973.

Only the fear of yet another resounding defeat or being snuffed out by Israel's nuclear weapons, have since held back (Saddam's) Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Syria from new attempts. Yet, the Satanic obsession with "destroying the name of Israel" in Islam keeps growing. Arab maps still do not include Israel and, after the 55 years of de-humanization and demonization of the Jews in Arab propaganda and education system, the psychological grounds are laid for a new genocide.
The clear and present danger of a new Jewish Holocaust – not just the toothless condemnation of terrorism – should be the subject of Israeli delegations' presentations at the all the world's Genocide Conferences.

Only due to Israel's military deterrent capability has this new genocide not come to pass. The key to this capability is maintaining full military control over Judea, Samaria and Gaza, minimal territorial depth to mobilize the reserves in the case of an attack and to prevent the Palestinians from striking straight into the heart of Israel.
Back in 1967, the American Chiefs of Staff concluded that the moment the Islamic world believed that Israel's containment capability is gone, they would launch an attack. Thus, Israel must have permanent military control over the tiny land of Israel (0.12% of the total Middle East land mass), in order to prevent a new Holocaust. Any person with any vestiges of Western... morality has to admit that Jewish military presence in Judea and Samaria is an acceptable price for preventing a Holocaust.
If you choose to call it occupation, feel free to do so. Occupation is an acceptable cost for preventing genocide."
[4] [5]

Some have put it: This is about a 250 million strong Pan-Arab Movement seeking to drive 6 million Jews into the sea. [6]


1920s and on

The first (publicized) arab sponsored terrorist attacks upon Jews occurred in 1920 [7], a highlighted tragedy is the Hebron Massacre of 1929, where thousands of Arabs descended from Har Hebron, shouting "Kill the Jews!" in Arabic. [8] [9].

This was not the first mass racist attack by Arabs against unarmed civilian Jews in British Mandate ‘Palestine,’ nor would it be the last attempted extermination. [10].

It was the Mufti who sought to annihilate the tiny State of Israel
[11]. The Palestinian Mufti's dealt with Hitler: 'Kill All the Jews in the Middle East.' [12] A writer in an article: 'Nazi Roots of Palestinian Nationalism,' quotes the Mufti: "Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world. I asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish problem in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of its Jews. The answer I got was: The Jews are yours." -
Former Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini in his post-World War II memoirs [13].
In "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini," The author details how in post war Cairo, al-Husseini established himself as a key player in transferring Hitler's program of genocide against the Jews. [14]

"the Muslims inside and outside Palestine welcome the new regime of Germany and hope for the extension of the fascist, anti-democratic governmental system to other countries."
- Quote from the leader of the Palestinians, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, welcoming the Nazi rise to power, 1933.
"Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world. I asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish problem in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of its Jews. The answer I got was: 'The Jews are yours.'"
- Quote from the Mufti after WW2.
"I declare a holy war, my Moslem brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all."
- Quote from the Mufti calling for a genocide of the Jews when Israel was declared a state, 1947. [15]

The seeds, planted by the Mufti

The Arab-Islamic Palestinian wartime leader, the Mufti, "was one of the worst and fanatical fascists and anti-Semites," He intervened with the Nazis to prevent the escape to Palestine of thousands of European Jews, who were sent instead to the death camps. He also conspired with the Nazis to bring the Holocaust to Palestine. The mufti "invented a new form of Jew-hatred by recasting it in an Islamic mold," according to German scholar Matthias Küntzel. The mufti's fusion of European anti-Semtism—particularly the genocidal variety—with Koranic views of Jewish wickedness has become the hallmark of Islamists world-wide, from al Qaeda to Hamas and Hezbollah. During his time in Berlin, the mufti ran the Nazis' Arab-language propaganda radio program, which incited Muslims in the Mideast to "kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion." Among the many listeners was also the man later known as Ayatollah Khomeini, who used to tune in to Radio Berlin every evening, according to Amir Taheri's biography of the Iranian leader. Khomeini's disciple Mahmoud Ahmadinejad still spews the same venom pioneered by the mufti as do Islamic hate preachers around the world.
Muslim Judeophobia is not—as is commonly claimed—a reaction to the Mideast conflict but one of its main "root causes." It has been fueling Arab rejection of a Jewish state long before Israel's creation.

1948 - before the "occupation" excuse

Since 1948, the Arab tyrannies have attempted to destroy Israel.
In 1957, the (Arab led) Refugee Conference at Homs, Syria, passed a resolution stating:
"Any discussion aimed at a solution of the Palestine problem which will not be based on ensuring the refugees' right to annihilate Israel will be regarded as a desecration of the Arab people and an act of treason" (Beirut al Massa, July 15, 1957).

Historian Ronald E. Ringer: "Israel wished to secure Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and a corridor between, while the Arabs wanted to annihilate the Jews. Events One day after Ben-Gurion's announcement, various Arab armies invaded."

The author E. Karsh: Ever since, the Arab states continued to seek to annihilate that entity which had declared its independence in 1948.


From the "UN monthly chronicle" (Volume 9, by United Nations, Office of Public Information 1972, p. 13)
Not since the Nazi holocaust in Europe had the physical annihilation of an entire people been an objective of war. The aim of the Arab onslaught against Israel was openly proclaimed to be the massacre of the Jewish people in Israel. [21]

Though Haim Weizmann declared he would accept a Jewish state even
with the size of a tablecloth — still, even that was rejected by the Arabs who swore to "throw the Jews into the sea" and attacked in force to fulfill that oath. [22].

What the Fight in Israel Is All About... Spring of 1967 the Arab countries, led by Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt, prepared to attack Israel and, in their own words, "throw the Jews into the sea."
[24], the Arab leaders' slogan : "We’ll Throw Them into the Sea"

In 1967, Egypt's Nasser was planning a Pan-Arab invasion to eradicate Israel [26], he declared, a few days before the war, "Our main task is to destroy Israel." was planning a Pan-Arab invasion to eradicate Israel.
Syria's Assad echoed, "It is time to embark on a war of annihilation."
The same sentiments were voiced in 1973.
Only the fear of yet another resounding defeat or being snuffed out by Israel's nuclear weapons, have since held back Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Syria from new attempts. Yet, the Satanic obsession with "destroying the name of Israel" in Islam keeps growing. Arab maps still do not include Israel and, after the 55 years of de-humanization and demonization of the Jews in Arab propaganda and education system, the psychological grounds are laid for a new genocide.
The clear and present danger of a new Jewish Holocaust – not just the toothless condemnation of terrorism – should be the subject of Israeli delegations' presentations at the all the world's Genocide Conferences.</i> [28]

Lebanese journalist Brigitte Gabriel: 'Arabs are taught hatred of Jews with mothers' milk.' "universities teach hatred of Jews," from a lecture at Columbia University - March 6 2005 entitled: "Environments of Hate: Indoctrination in the Arab World and Propaganda Advocacy in Americas University Classrooms" I am an eyewitness and a victim of the indoctrination of hate education, racism, intolerance, intimidation and fabricated lies by my government and religious influences.
This indoctrination was for one purpose: To eradicate the newborn state of Israel; to foment hatred and wipe out Jewish presence in an Arab dominated world. For Arabs, the simple existence of Israel was viewed as a nakbah!
This pan Arab hate indoctrination was a reaction to Jews returning to their homeland after Arabic and Islamic belief for 1400 years that the Yahuds were vanquished and subjugated as Dhimmi. I believe hate motivated indoctrination fosters irrational thinking and faulty reasoning

Arab states farther afield also readied their military forces to be sent to what many of them confidently assumed would be the final assault on the Jewish state. Arab leaders were not reticent in proclaiming their aims. "The problem before the Arab countries," declared Nasser in May 25, ". . . [is] how totally to exterminate the State of Israel for all time. "Our goal is clear: to wipe Israel off the map," declared President Aref of Iraq on May 31, "The Arab struggle must lead to the liquidation of Israel," explained Algerian president on June 4, And on June 5, the day the war broke out, Radio Damascus exhorted simply: "Throw them into the sea." Though Israel asked the Jordanians to stay out of any Arab assault, but on June 5, when the fighting began, King Hussein joined in as well, shelling the entire Israeli frontier... On June 7, Hussein broadcast this to his army: "Kill the Jews wherever you find them. Kill them with your arms, with your hands, with your nails and teeth."

In 1967, The Golan Heights was the place in which the Syrian army began its attack on Israel as part of the all Arab plan for the "final solution" of Israel. The propaganda which accompanied this attack, still sends shudders through the bones of those who lived this experience. Throughout the streets of Damascus, Cairo and Amman the frenzied mob marched chanting: "idhbah, idhbah, idhbah, idhbah al-yahud" - slaughter, slaughter, slaughter the Jews! And the Syrian media was busy showing the fate awaiting Jews once the victorious Syrian army conquered Israel. To demonstrate the bravery of its soldiers (including women), the Syrian television also showed how they eat snakes alive and how they slaughter pet animals and drink their blood. Syria was the most cruel in treatment of POWs. A Syrian soldier who killed Israeli Prisoners of war with an ax was decorated as a war hero; and some of the Israeli POW who survived the hideous tortures of the Syrians came back home broken forever.

A report of Egypt preparing for a chemical attack sent a shivering alarm in Israel, and the Cairo Radio announced: "All Egypt is now prepared to plunge into total war which will put an end to Israel" [32]

From a documenting book on the era of the six days war: " 'Itbach el Yehud!' 'Kill the Jews.' I could hear the Arabs scream. More shots, and hand grenades, tossed from the door of that mosque. They exploded right in front of me..."



Judenstaatrein, deputy prime minister of Sweden, pithily concluded: "Compared to most previous anti-Jewish outbreaks, this [new anti-Semitism] is often less directed against individual Jews. It attacks primarily the collective Jews, the State of Israel. And then such attacks start a chain reaction of assaults on individual Jews and Jewish institutions… In the past, the most dangerous anti-Semites were those who wanted to make the world Judenrein, 'free of Jews.' Today, the most dangerous anti-Semites might be those who want to make the world Judenstaatrein, 'free of a Jewish state.'"
One of the best exoerts on anti semitism Irwin Cotler writes in an article titled "Making the world 'Judenstaatrein'", he elaborates about Islamic Genocidal Anti Semitism": There are three manifestations of this genocidal anti-Semitism. The first is the state-sanctioned - indeed state-orchestrated - genocidal anti-Semitism of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran, dramatized by the parading in the streets of Teheran of a Shihab-3 missile draped in the emblem "wipe Israel off the Map," while demonizing both the State of Israel as a "cancerous tumor to be excised” and the Jewish people as "evil incarnate."
A second manifestation of this genocidal anti-Semitism is in the covenants and charters, platforms and policies of such terrorist movements and militias as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah and al-Qaida, which not only call for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews wherever they may be, but also for the perpetration of acts of terror in furtherance of that objective.
The third manifestation of this genocidal anti-Semitism is the religious fatwas or execution writs, where these genocidal calls in mosques and media are held out as religious obligations - where Jews and Judaism are characterized as the perfidious enemy of Islam, and Israel becomes the Salmon Rushdie of the nations.


The New Anti-Semitism, hostility to Jews is strongest among those on the Left who claim to be fighting racism... anti-Zionism is now being used to cloak a terrifying nexus between genocidal Arab and Islamist hatred of the Jews and deep-seated European prejudices, Anti-Semitism is protean, mutating over the centuries into new forms. Now it has changed again, into a shape which requires a new way of thinking and a new vocabulary. The new anti-Semitism does not discriminate against Jews as individuals on account of their race. Instead, it is centred on Israel, and the denial to the Jewish people alone of the right of self-determination.
This is nothing to do with the settlements or the West Bank. Indeed, the language being used exposes as a cruel delusion the common belief that the Middle East crisis would be solved by the creation of a Palestinian state. [35]

Radical Islam (as a whole)

New Radical Islamic Thinking Justifying The Genocide of Infidels [36], Specifically Radical Islam's Threat of Genocide against the Jews is more and more revealed. [37][38]

Radical Islam's Threat of Genocide against the Jews- Remarks by the Representative of Israel to the Fourth Stockholm Conference on the Prevention of Genocide ...the State of Israel, which arose phoenix like from the ashes of the Shoah, and which for most of its short history, has itself been threatened with extermination... an upsurge in hate speech directed against Jews, over the last three years. This phenomenon reached its apogee recently when the Syrian produced television series "Al Shataat" (Diaspora) chose to resurrect the evil, heinous, and false accusation of ritual murder which has dogged the Jewish people since the middle ages. This television series was carried by the Hezbollah TV. station, "Al Mannar", which is broadcast from Lebanon and is readily accessible here in Europe, through a European satellite service. Everyone in this room knows the inevitable and tragic results of hate propaganda such as this... words of one of the foremost Saudi clerics, spoken at a mosque at the center of the Islamic world. The Saudi cleric, Mohammed Salah el-Munjeed, stated: "How can Moslems not be joyful when in the killing of Jews and infidels? Allah will surely gladden the hearts of his followers as they kill and destroy all of them (the Jews)." [39]

Motive? "infidels!"

Islamic Egyptian cleric: The Jews "are enemies not because they occupied Palestine. They would have been enemies even if they did not occupy a thing." Muhammad Hussein Ya’qoub: The Jews Are the Enemies of Muslims Regardless of the Occupation of Palestine," (aired on Al-Rahma TV on January 17, 2009) "If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of course not. We will never love them. Absolutely not. The Jews are infidels - not because I say so, and not because they are killing Muslims, but because Allah said: 'The Jews say that Uzair is the son of Allah, and the Christians say that Christ is the son of Allah. )If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of course not. We will never love them. Absolutely not. The Jews are infidels – not because I say so, and not because they are killing Muslims, ... Qur'an... This is it. We must believe that our fighting with the Jews is eternal, and it will not end until the final battle – and this is the fourth point. You must believe that we will fight, defeat, and annihilate them, until not a single Jew remains on the face of the Earth.
[41][42] [43][44]

Qatari Cleric Sheik Muhammad Al-Muraikhi: 'The Jews Are Our Enemies Because They Are Infidels, Not Because They Occupied Palestine,' The following is an excerpt from a Friday sermon delivered by this Qatari cleric: We do not treat the Jews as our enemies just because they occupied Palestine... even if they return Palestine to us, because they are infidels.

The Palestinians Encourage Genocide
[48], and on Palestinian TV they openly call: Kill All The Jews [49], Palestinian Muslim cleric urges all Arabs to kill Jews, Christians [50],
(Even calling to Kill all Americans [51]), Islamic sermons broadcast on Palestinian Authority have also been openly genocidal [52] for instance on 2007, Acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Sheik Ahmad Bahr from Hamas, declared during a Friday Sermon at a Sudan Mosque that America and Israel Will Be Annihilated and Called upon Allah to Kill the Jews and the Americans 'to the Very Last One,'
[53], it uses EU aid towards preaching genocide [54], its culture embeds an ideology of genocidal radical Islamism - Jihad-Islamism.[55]

'Palestinian' Muslim cleric Muhsen Abu 'Ita told Al-Aqsa TV: "The annihilation of the Jews here in Palestine is one of the most splendid blessings for Palestine. This will be followed by a greater blessing, Allah be praised, with the establishment of a Caliphate." [56]

Islamic Religious Intolerance, anti Jewish bigotry - the worrying "objection" Muslims have in commemorating the [genocide] Holocaust day. [57]

At the second Palestinian violent Intifada, they came up with a new (tool in) Genocide: suicide Bombing, designed to massacre the most masses of civilians possible [58] [59].

An emphasis in radicals' work is indoctrinating Palestinian children to genocidal hate, Imams are extremely influential in successfully emphasizing the goals of jihad and martyrdom [60], Sheikh Ibrahim Mudayris: "Kill A Jew –Go To Heaven" The Muslims will kill the Jews, rejoice!" [61].

Especially the Islamic party, "The Hamas Ideology of Hatred and Genocide: Islamic supremacy over the world, destroying Israel and Jews [62]," Hamas is the acronym for "Islamic Resistance Movement", whose meaning, is "fanaticism". The Hamas Charter offers stereotype images, perpetuated in a culture of hate . Aside from the usual mad gibberage inspired by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it is committed to a genocidal jihad ideology against "the Jews," and this Culture of Hate is repeated again and again in official sermons at mosques in Gaza and elsewhere, which are shown on the official television of the Palestinian Authority. [63], it vows to 'drink' the blood of Jews [64], Hamas suicide bombers' videotape: 'We drink Jews' blood'- A Hamas Web site published the videotape wills of two suicide bombers in which they pledge to drink Jews blood until they flee from Muslim land.
[65] Hamas created a Mickey-Mouse-like character to incite children for genocide [66], from an interview with Palestinian cleric Muhsen Abu 'Ita, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on July 13, 2008: "Annihilation of the Jews is the most splendid blessing."[67][68].

Until recently (March 30, 2007) Genocide of Jews remains Hamas open goal
[69] it declares: "The Final Goal of the Resistance is to Wipe This Entity Off the Face of the Earth"
"We are making the preparations for a confrontation. This is not because we need to be prepared for an Israeli act of aggression - after all, aggression is intrinsic to this entity - but because the final goal of the resistance is to wipe this entity off the face of the Earth. This goal necessitates the development of the capabilities of the resistance, until this entity is wiped out."

Gaza kids 'training to kill Jews,' "I am learning how to fight the Jews and kill Jewish children," explain Palestinian children. [71]

Clearly, Hamas, the Muslim-Brotherhood-linked terror group is dedicated to the annihilation of Israel through jihad [72], the people who comprise Hamas are dedicated to the annihilation of Israel and the slaughter of every Jew who lives there
[73], in its Charter 1988 it states: 'Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it' ... Hamas wants the ‘islamisation’ of all the Middle East (as a first phase) [74].

Al Qaeda

In Al-Qaeda's Intellectual Legacy - Islamic Thinking justifying the genocide of infidels, According to al- Ali, all citizens of Israel are to be considered combatants. [75], How Al-Qaeda Justifies Terrorism and Genocide: it believes that both Jews and Christians want to destroy the Islamic religion and it is far better for al-Qaeda to kill us before we do any harm to Islam.
"The Islamic victory over the USSR in Afghanistan, the creation of the al-Qaeda global network, and the spread of Islam in many Western countries are seen as signs of an Islamic awakening that from the radical Islamist perspective may lead to the restoration of Islam as the world's most dominant power," ... in this new emerging world order, Christians and Jews are no longer protected minorities under Islam. As a result, there is a dangerous trend among militant Islamist clerical authorities, especially from Saudi Arabia, justifying not only acts of terrorism against individuals, but also mass murder against whole groups of people regarded as infidels. Their call for the complete extermination of peoples means they have moved ideologically toward the justification of genocide [76].


In her book 'Lebanon's Hezbollah' (2003, Page 49) Ann Byers writes: 'In the 1990s, Hezbollah was training members of the terrorist groups Al Qaeda... (it supported the PLO as) in its early days the PLO was dedicated to the annihilation of Israel'. [77].

The Hezbollah Founding Statement contains a section titled "The Necessity for the Destruction of Israel," which reads as follows: "We see in Israel the vanguard of the United States in our Islamic world. It is the hated enemy that must be fought until the hated ones get what they deserve . . . Therefore our struggle will end only when this entity is obliterated."

Hezbollah calling on Muslims to kill all Jewish Israelis with firearms, knives and poison.

The widening arena of Hezbollah's attacks stemmed from Nasrallah's perception that Jews anywhere are legitimate targets. In fact, Hasan Nasarallah has said:
If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002) [80].

More from Hassan Nasrallah, Leader of Hezbollah on Al Manar: "Let the entire world hear me. Our hostility to the Great Satan, America, is absolute. Regardless of how the world has changed after September 11, death to America will remain our reverberating and powerful slogan: Death to America." (House Record: 'war is ugly but tyranny is uglier').
[81], "Martyrdom operations -- suicide bombings -- should be exported outside Palestine. I encourage Palestinians to take suicide bombings worldwide. Don't be shy about it."

Hezbollah’s renewal of Jihad Genocide on Global "Jewish Targets" (June, 2008) [83].

Participants in a Hezbollah network-sponsored symposium urge that Israel "be completely wiped out" and "just like Hitler fought the Jews" the "great Islamic nation of Jihad" should "fight the Jews and burn them."

The Muslim Brotherhood

The 'Muslim Brotherhood's Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi: 'There is No Dialogue between Us and the Jews Except by the Sword and the Rifle.'

Islamic Republic of Iran

Genocidal declarations in: 1994, 2005, 2007, 2010.

In 1994, Imam Mohsen Rabbani in Argentina: "Israel," he intoned in accented Spanish, "must disappear from the face of the Earth." at that gathering, he and a dozen speakers who followed quoted Iran's late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and called for unity in the fight against Zionism and the satanism of the West.

Islamic Republic of Iran's President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's Genocidal Incitement against Israel [87], his (2005) call for Israel to be "wiped off the map" has triggered a sharp international response and widespread condemnation [88] [89], (It was not mistranslated [90]) and has been described as wanting to carry out another genocide aimed at destroying the State of Israel [91]. He 'faced genocide case', in 14 Dec 2006, and was expected to be the target of a lawsuit which accuses him of inciting genocide against Israel. [92] [93]

(Though, Juan Cole, regarded as highly contoversial [94] and as a staunch anti-Israel campaigner [95] [96] [97], is probably the only known prominent journalist/activist to dispute the simply obvious message, Cole's opinion is described as controversial even by liberal media. [98])

In 2007, Ahmadinejad has threatened (again) the State of Israel with annihilation, Iran: 'Israel, US will soon die'

In February, 2010, Ali-Akbar Salehi, head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization declared: Attacking Iran's nuclear facilities will spell the End of Israel.

Nuclear Iran

The Islamic Republic's Nuclear plan is regarded by many a Clear and Present Danger, realize the dangers to humanity emanating from a genocidal, nuclear-armed Iran [102] Iran's Nuclear Anti-Zionism Is Genocidal, Not Political, said Charles Asher Small, director of Yale's Interdisciplinary Initiative for the Study of Anti-Semitism, tells the story of the reception [103]

Canadian MP Irwin Cotler: "A nuclear, genocidal, rights-violating Iran is a clear and present danger to international peace and security,"
[104] Sara Palin called it a "second holocaust." [105]

Mainstream [Palestinian & other] Arabs

Even many of 'moderate Arabs' have been accused of this [106], in a poll of February 16, 2007 '75% of Palestinians do not think that Israel has the right to exist' [107].

Jerusalem Post's C. Glick: No Tolerance for Genocide , Genocide: The Spirit of Palestine... in Palestinian society today. It is not just Hamas or Tanzim or Islamic Jihad that we must fight, but Palestinian society itself must be transformed for there to be peaceful coexistence. Poll after poll shows that a solid majority of Palestinians from all socio-economic levels supports suicide bombers and other forms of terrorism against Israel. In fact the polls show that the higher the socio-economic level of the respondents, the stronger their support for terrorism. Virulent, Nazi-style Jew hatred and dehumanization has become for the Palestinians, as for the Germans before them, the central unifying theme of society.
The best-seller lists in the PA for years have included such works as Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
[109] [110] [111].

Both Hamas and Fatah, that has under its wings the 'Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade' terror organization, are fully committed to Israel's annihilation. [112] [113]

Genocidal Agenda under 'Pro Palestinian' propaganda

On the so called 'Palestinian documentaries'.
Tatiana Menaker wrote: 'College Film Festival: Kill the Jews.'
It is understandable that the mere existence of Israel in such close proximity is unbearable. What is strikingly serious in all these films is that if one were to count the most often used words, these words would be "humiliation" and "Kill the Jews!" Even in the most peaceful and idealistic documentary... a young boy asked what he wants to do when he grows up is prompted by his father: "Kill the Jews!" When asked to draw a picture of his future he draws himself killing Israelis.

The International Solidarity Movement - a 'Palestinian' propaganda machine, organized many activities, including on US campus, both, the ISM and PSM support in thinly veiled language suicide bombings... the audience chanted "Kill the Jews" - "Ittbach al yahood" in Arabic [115].
The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), its American, student affiliate the Palestinian Solidarity Movement, and other radical left-wing groups label every inch of Israeli territory as "occupied Palestine," advocate destroying the Jewish State by "any means necessary," and openly condone terrorism and Muslim suicide bombers as a means for accomplishing this goal. These groups are working to eliminate a population of six million Jews. [116], in 2002 National Palestinian Student Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement, it's set out purpose of the University of Michigan meeing was to promote divestment from Israel, keynote speaker was Sami Al-Arian, long alleged to be a frontman for Islamic Jihad and since indicted for it, "Annihilate the Jews" was chanted in Arabic at the event.

From an account on 2002 at CSU, Yoni Petel, president of Concordia's Hillel Jewish Student Union and one of the organizers of the Netanyahu appearance, says the mob - estimated at between 200 and 500 Muslim and Palestinian students and members and supporters of the Concordia Student Union - chanted "Kill the Zionists" as they pummeled ticket-holders. "And in the street," Petel reported, "people heard cries of 'Itbah al Yahud!' (Kill the Jews!)." Police put an end to the spectacle only after protesters began kicking in the plate-glass windows separating the building's lower foyer entrance from the seething stretch of boulevard out front. Five people were arrested and were released on bond, pending court hearings; two were students, one a vice president of the CSU.

At Israel's operation against Hamas terrorists in 'cast lead' [119] December 2008-January 2009, anti Israel Arab Muslim protesters called for Jews to 'Go Back to the Oven', to 'kill all the Jews', or: "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas" [120], protesters have more than once declared how happy they would be if the Jews were simply wiped out once and for all, in Los Angeles: demonstrators in front of the Israeli Consulate chanted, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" -- a vision that can only be realized by the total destruction of Israel. They waved the flag of the jihad terrorist group Hizballah. To cheers from other demonstrators, some shouted, "Long live Hitler! Put Jews in ovens! Jews are fossil fuel!", in Fort Lauderdale: Arabs, Muslim demonstrators chanted, "Nuke, nuke Israel!" and "Go back to the ovens! You need a big oven, that’s what you need!", and a number made comparisons to the Holocaust
[121] [122] [123] [124] [125] [126].

From statements, slogans in a "solidarity" protest in San Francisco, January 2009: "Itbach al Yahud" (slaughter the Jews) "Falastin balad'na w'al Yahud qalab'na" (Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dogs) "
[127] [128]

Phyllis Chesler: Today, we have grown used to seeing Palestinian and Hamas supporters goose-step, Nazi-style, shoot out their arms as they deliver the Hitlerian "Sieg Heil" salute. They also chant and scream: "Jews to the ovens," "Hitler did not kill enough of you," "Jews to the gas chambers."

An Ohio Arab "Palestinian" man, Mansor Mohammad Asad on a plane: "I'm Palestinian and I want to kill all the Jews!" [January, 2010] [130]
[131] and told Black police officer, "Go Back to Africa!" [132]

A Toronto Muslim, student at York University, called for genocide on what he described: "Filthy Jewish Terrorists." Police were probing (March, 2010) Salman Hossain's postings on the Arizona-based Internet site on which he writes harshly about Jews, Christians and moderate Canadian Muslims, whom he calls "traitors." He also says, "if there were any planned attacks against Canadian/American soldiers by 'Muslim militants' in Canadian soil, I'd support it."

On April 2010, The Jewish Defence League protested against Canadian taxpayer funding of Palestine House, and the jihadi thugs outside Palestine House couldn't have been more obliging in showing why that funding should be stopped immediately...
From an example of one Muslim guy in the Palestine House parking lot, yelling, "We need another Holocaust" at the protesters, Partial transcript:
JDL Guy: "No more jihad."
Palestine House Guy: "We love jihad. We love killing you."
JDL Guy: "Peace, education, not jihad. No more jihad -- stop it!"
Palestine House Guy: "We love it. No, we love it. We love killing dogs... your b-tches with you."
JDL Guy: "We like the Palestinians only we hate the terrorists."
Palestine House Guy: "What do your women taste like?"

In an anti-Israel stunt (the Flotilla boat, 2010, heading to Gaza) under the guise of "humanitarian aid" and supposed "peace activism," the Muslims called to 'Kill Jews for Allah' - before attacking the Israeli security who came aboard checking the boat for weapons-smuggling (as Palestinians so often did), they have shot them with live ammunition, stabbed with knives, beaten with iron clubs, metal chains and threw Israelis off the boats, they were shrieking Islamic battle cries and expressing a willingness to martyr themselves in order to kill Jews. [136][137][138]

Useless United Nations

The United Nations is beholden to Arabs and tries to portray Israel as the offender. This is the same U.N. that couldn't define 'Terrorism' for eight plus years. Hundreds of rockets have landed in Israel without a comment by the U.N., Israel forces seek to defend itself and the U.N. makes loud official statements demanding an end of hostilities. The news media is complicit, never taking interest in rockets slamming Israel as much as they give credit to Arab nations protesting Israeli attacks. The Arab world will never protest Hamas or Hezbollah targeting innocent civilians.
The Arab power (via oil, terrorizing representatives and threats of "angry Arab street") control over the UN is immense.
[139] [140] [141][142][143] [144].

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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Misunderstood" ISLAMIC GENOCIDE

"Misunderstood" ISLAMIC GENOCIDE

Slaughter the Jews call 'misunderstood'

...LONDON – The Oxford student who shouted “slaughter the Jews” in Arabic at Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon during his talk at the university last week says his remark was misunderstood.

Noor Rashid... claimed he used a classical Arabic chant "Khaybar ya Yahod"...

[...] Rashid – who on his Facebook page is a “fan” of Abdul Rahman al-Sudais – the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca – and veteran anti-Israel activist British MP George Galloway – claimed in the article that “Jew” and “Israel” were interchangeable terms and that he had been misunderstood.

Sudais has publicly prayed to God to “terminate” the Jews, and as a result has been barred from conferences in America, and been refused entry to Canada. In 2002...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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