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ARABIZATION INC. The all out myth of 'all Arabs being natives in all of the middle east'

The all out myth of 'all Arabs being natives in all of the middle east'

A myth that terrorists which have far greater ambitions, such as to Islamize the entire region if not the entire world or racist local Arabization, have been using it (still do) to cause the loss of so many lives among Israelis, 'Palestinians', or as an added justification for foreign Arab invaders to "fight in Iraq - Arab land -- against the non Arabs: US, Britain", furthermore, it is a tool in the wider Arab land to fuel bitterness at the entire west, (with historic colonialists like Great Britain, France, Belgium, etc. in mind).

To be true to history, the Berbers were before the (other) Arabs conquered them in N. Africa like in Morocco & in Algeria.

The same as to the indigenous Egyptians namely the Nubians then the Coptic Christians and not today's mostly 'modern Arabs' the occupiers..

Or the fact that most Arabs in today's 'Palestine' - Israel are a mere few generations away from immigrants out of surrounding countries, in other words, foreign settlers.


Berbers: The Proud Raiders

They call themselves Amazigh, the proud
raiders. But most people know them as Berbers.

For millennia, the
Berbers of North Africa fought against Roman, Arab and French invaders. And,
despite a history of colonisation, they have managed to preserve their language
and culture, and have defended their land.

But all this is set to
change. Nine months ago, joint American-Moroccan company Lonestar, began oil
exploration and drilling near the town of Talsinnt. Nick Pelham reports from

History of Jihad against the Berbers of North Africa ? Algeria ...The Berbers
were the ancient indigenous people of North Africa west of Egypt. ... The schism
between the native Berbers and the invading Arabs continues...

History of Jihad against the Berbers of North Africa ? Algeria ...How the
Jihadis mercilessly vandalized the gentle pre-Islamic Berbers of North Africa -
Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and transformed them eventually into ...

The Lost Land of Nubia: Egypt's Southern Neighbor in Africa Throughout this
period, Nubians appear in Egyptian records both as stereotyped ... shows a
cosmopolitan mixture of native, Pharaonic and Hellenistic styles. ...

Are Christian Enclaves the Solution?: Disappearing Christians of ...After Arabs
invaded Egypt in 640 C.E., the native Copts were subjected to centuries of
Arabization and Islamization. In contrast to the Maronites of Lebanon ...

Egypt's Place in Modern Africa, The whole process of Arabization started when
the Arabs invaded in 640 AD and ... in modern Egypt are the Fellahin, Sai'idi
people, Baladi, and the Nubians. ...

Kush, Meroe and Nubia, Although the Arabs soon abandoned attempts to reduce
Nubia by force, Muslim domination of Egypt often made it difficult to
communicate with the Coptic ...

After Arabs invaded Egypt in 640 C.E., the native Copts were subjected to
centuries of Arabization and Islamization. In contrast to the Maronites of
Lebanon (who had the opportunity of gathering with access to the Mediterranean)
and in contrast to the Assyrians of northern Mesopotamia's highlands (who were
able to retreat to a mountainous mini-homeland), the Copts of Egypt found
themselves trapped between desert and Nile. When the British arrived in the
country at the end of the nineteenth century, the Copts had been reduced to less
than 300,000. Profiting from English rule, the Christians of Egypt re-integrated
themselves into public life.

The De-Nubianization Policies in Egypt and the Sudan ...The paper will also draw
on the racist Arab culture toward the Nubians, ... the massacre of the refugees
or the Egyptian occupation of Sudanese land because ...

Iraq Marshlands Restoration Program, From 1991 to roughly 2000, Marsh Arabs were
forcibly and repeatedly moved ...

The Iraqi Government Assault on the Marsh Arabs (A Human Rights ...In the
same year, Minority Rights Group estimated that the size of the indigenous
population had dwindled to some 50000 (in The Marsh Arabs of Iraq, ...

Madan, or Marsh Arabs, row through marshlands in southern Iraq. ... to 500000
indigenous Marsh Arabs, tens of thousands of whom fled to southern Iran. ...

Iraq's Drained Marshlands Refilling After Saddam's Ouster, but ...The Iraqi
dictator had ordered the water dammed and diverted for almost two decades, in
part to punish the indigenous Marsh Arabs who opposed his rule. ...

Iraq's Mass Graves The Marsh Arabs of southern Iraq, who had maintained a unique
way of life ... as well as indigenous Iraqi groups such as the Free Prisoners

Displacement of the Arab Marsh population of over 300000 forced to flee the
marshes and become refugees in Iran or internally displaced in Iraq. ...

The Arabs in the Holy Land - Natives or Aliens?The Arabs who now claim to be
natives of the Holy Land have migrated to Palestine after 1918, from neighboring
Arab countries, predominantly from areas now ...

A Tour of the Holy Land 1831-1910, These pictures illustrate without a doubt
that there was massive Jewish and Arab immigration into Israel: The Jewish
refugees fleeing religious and ethnic cleansing from Arab countries...

The True Identity of the So-called Palestinians.The current myth is that these
Arabs were long established in "Palestine", until the Jews came and "displaced"
them. The fact is, that recent Arab immigration into the Land of Israel
displaced the Jews. That the massive increase in Arab population was very recent
is attested by the ruling of the United Nations: That any Arab who had lived in
the Holy Land for two years and then left in 1948 qualifies as a "Palestinian

From Time Immemorial - Evidence of Unrecorded Arab Immigration ...9 Fred M.
Gottheil, "Arab Immigration into Pre-State Israel: 1922-1931"

The Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931 ... The
Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931 - Middle East Quarterly.http://www.meforum.org/article/522

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