Monday, May 01, 2006

Free Israel now, from Arab Muslim Siege! Free the world from Arabian Oil Mafia!

  • Free Israel from Arab Muslim incitement demonizing the defenders against Arab Muslims' terrorism on unarmed civilians.

  • Free Israel from the Arab Racists & Muslims Facsists ( aka Islamofacsists) economic boycott on victim Israel for so long

  • Free Israel from the Arab Racists & Muslims Facsists Mafia threatening & forcing Europeans & other to comply with their racist economic boycott on victim Israel.

  • Free Africa (especially, Sudan & Mauritania) from Arab racists slave masters and the perpetrators of the genocide of over 2,000,000 innocent victims.

  • Free UN from the Oil Mafia headed by greedy totalitarian Arab tyrants, dictating the UN "resolutions" and even sneaking in the most human right violators such as: rogue nations like terrorists: Syrian Arab regime & dictator - Muamar Qaddafi's Libya, to sit on... "Human rights commissions".

  • Free the US from Saudi oil Arab wahabbi tyrants that play with Washington like football.

  • Free Arab "Palestinian" Children from... their terrible parents & teachers indoctrinating them into the death cult & forcing kind Israelis to shoot at them

  • Free the World from Islamofascism's Jihad genocide upon all non Muslims.


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