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DiCaprio To Convert to Judaism - Arab World gone crazy - Goliath ‘pan Arabism racism’ update

DiCaprio To Convert to Judaism - Arab World gone crazy - Goliath ‘pan Arabism racism’ update

DiCaprio To Convert to Judaism To Marry Bar: Arab World Says To Hell With Him
Israeli journalist, Guy Bechor, writes on the Israeli website gplanet (Hebrew language) that the Arab world is going crazy over reports that Leonardo
DiCaprio is converting to Judaism in order to marry Sports Illustrated cover
girl, Bar Rafieli, an Israeli.
The report appeared on Al-Arabiya website and,
according to Bechor, is quite vicious. Apparently, Leo is a hero in the Arab
world (everyone loved Titanic) but that the combination of his relationship with
the Jewish beauty, and his conversion, should it happen) instantly transforms
him to dirt in their eyes.
I thought the Arab world had changed? I thought that their objection is only to the occupation not to Israel itself, let alone the Jews.
But now Leo is being attacked the same way Elizabeth Taylor was when she became a Jew 45 years ago and was boycotted by the Arab world. I think she still is.
Anyway, if you know Arabic, read the 144 nasty contacts about Leo (and Bar) in Al Arabiya. It appears that they may hate us. They really
But who can hate Leo and Bar?




What now? A fatwa for 'Jihad' against the " Titanic?"

Still think it's about "land" - or we all realize that THIS is why a conflict exists (blind hatred)?

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Sunday, February 22, 2009



The Shocking unimaginable Torture for weeks (to the sound of reciting the Quran...) and murder by a gang of (about) 30 Muslims called the "Barbarians" [with additional "drop in" Muslim friends that happily participated in the torture] of the young french Jew Ilan Halimi (seduced by a Muslim prostitute sent by the gang to get into a trap).

The grisly murder of Ilan Halimi should concern the entire Jewish world.

The highest echelons of the French government -- led by President Jacques Chirac and Premier Dominique DeVillepin -- went out of their way Thursday night to express sympathy and solidarity with their country's Jews, following the torture and murder of Ilan Halimi. Their attendance of memorial services at Paris's Victoire Synagogue for the 23-year-old victim constituted the most unequivocal and authoritative admission that Halimi fell prey to a horrid hate crime.

The knee-jerk inclination of French officialdom, however, was refusal to categorize this as an anti-Semitic homicide. Initially there even was reluctance to note the Jewish identity of the victim.

The discovery of the dying Halimi near rail tracks in the Paris suburb of St. Genevieve on February 13 sent shock waves throughout France. The cell phone salesman was found handcuffed, gagged, battered, slashed and with burns over most of his naked body. He had obviously been tortured to death.

The interrogation of the since-apprehended gang, which abducted and then for three weeks held Halimi for ransom -- before, as French police report, dousing him with flammable liquid and setting him alight -- indicated that greed wasn't the sole motive.

A pretty young woman lured Halimi from the store in which he was employed. He was kept naked, bound and hooded, subjected throughout to gruesome torments. The kidnappers, who demanded ransom, were told that the family was far from wealthy. They replied that funds be elicited "from the synagogue," because "all Jews are rich." The French-Arab and African-Muslim ringleaders also recited verses from the Koran in their communications with the family.

French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed that the perpetrators "were convinced that 'Jews have money'... That's called anti-Semitism by conflation." He added that four of six persons the same gang attempted to capture were also Jews.

Sarkozy revealed that some suspects possessed extreme Islamic and pro-Palestinian literature and documents. What they confessed to the police further confirmed the apprehension that Halimi was subjected to barbaric abuse because he was a Jew.

The grisly attack came at a time in which some French higher-ups boasted that they had beaten back the anti-Semitic tide that accompanied the 2000 intifada. Indeed the French government oversaw a dramatic drop in anti-Jewish incidents. Reportedly the number of anti-Semitic assaults in France for 2005 is 47% below that of 2004. In this respect the French approach and record is better than that of other European states.

But this clearly isn't the whole story. Physical attacks are only one expression of the distress experienced by French Jews, many of whom live in close proximity to Muslim immigrants (estimated at 12% of the population). Jewish children in public schools are frequently bullied by Arab classmates. It's almost impossible to teach the Holocaust in schools with large Arab/Muslim student bodies.

In certain urban French neighborhoods it's risky for Jews to wear skullcaps. Many French Muslims regard local Jews, their houses of worship and communal institutions fair game in their attempts to wreak vengeance on Israel. This indeed is something for Israelis to ponder. The Jewish state's enemies often consider all Jews legitimate targets, as the 1994 blast in Buenos Aires's AMIA Jewish Community Center (which claimed 86 lives) demonstrated on a tragic scale.

France was late in combating the "collective punishment" meted by some Muslims on their Jewish neighbors. It first turned a blind eye to numerous anti-Semitic outbreaks, insisting that "there is no anti-Semitism in France." Jews were essentially requested not to bother the authorities.

Official downplaying of rampant anti-Semitism between 2000-2003 left deep emotional scars in the Jewish community. The Halimi murder and the initial disinclination to treat it as a hate crime reopened many old wounds. DeVillepin promised "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" about the crime that alarmed France's Jews. He will have to convince them, but not only them.

Anti-Semitism in Paris isn't just an internal French matter. It should concern all of us in the Jewish state. We mustn't be wary of speaking up lest we offend French sensibilities. Ariel Sharon didn't shrink a few years back from calling on French Jews to make aliya. Our government's concern over the Halimi murder should be conveyed directly to the French government at the highest levels, and our solidarity more emphatically shown with the embattled French Jewish community.

French authorities admit: RACISM played a "role" in barbarian act.

Murder of Targeted French Jew: "They acted with indescribable cruelty," the judiciary police chief leading the investigation said. "They kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They cut him and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him alight."

The Murder of Ilan Halimi
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
...Little by little, information emerged about the crime. There were at least fifteen thugs, maybe more. They had used a girl to seduce Halimi into the trap where he was captured. They knew he was a Jew and they had chosen him for that reason. In his pocket they found the phone number of a rabbi and he was the first person they called, telling him: "We have a Jew. The family has to pay. If the family cannot pay, it will be the synagogue." In succeeding days, they called the rabbi again, howling sentences full of hatred. Later, they called the family, asking for $600,000, before lowering the price to $5,000. They spoke to the mother, to Halimi’s sisters, uncle, and father. When they were not asking for money, they were reciting suras from the Quran. In some of the conversations it was possible to hear Halimi screaming in the background. The thugs sent a videotape showing the young man naked, humiliated, handcuffed, just like on a Zarqawi videos from Iraq. ..
During the last ten weeks, the people who tortured and killed Ilan Halimi had tried unsuccessfully to kidnap four other Jews..

... Barbarians seemed an appropriate name. The shocking cruelty inflicted on Halimi seemed to have little to do with efforts to extract money from his anguished family. It evoked the sadistic moral universe of A Clockwork Orange, the novel by Anthony Burgess, with a dose of anti-semitism thrown in.
Thanks to Yalda's charms, Halimi was imprisoned and tortured with acid and cigarette burns for more than three weeks in the heart of a council estate.
More than 30 neighbours in the building knew what was happening but said nothing about the crime, part of a worrying wave of attacks against Jews all over the country.
Besides Yalda, several women have been arrested in an investigation into their role in botched efforts to lure other Jewish men into "honey traps".

"He wanted a Jew," a girl called Audrey told police, referring to Youssouf Fofana, the charismatic leader of the Barbarians, who was listed by the girls in their telephone directories as "Youssouf the barbarian".
His choice of victims was based on two anti-semitic myths: that Jews are all rich and that they stick together. "They're a big community," Fofana told Audrey. "United and willing to pay."

Brutal murder was anti-Semitic crime, says Sarkozy World news ...Feb 22, 2006 ... Mr Sarkozy told the French parliament that the gang sought for the murder of Ilan Halimi, 23, whose naked body was found by railway tracks ...

Tale of Torture and Murder Horrifies the Whole of France ...Feb 22, 2006 ... The murder of a 23-year-old cell-phone salesman, Ilan Halimi, took place over three weeks, during which he was tortured while his captors ...

The murder of Ilan Halimi-Commentary
by Melanie Philips February 24, 2006

As if the kidnap, torture and murder of Ilan Halimi near Paris wasn't bad enough, the way it has been dealt with and reported has graphically illustrated what can only be described as a pathological refusal within Europe to acknowledge the fact that French Jews are being attacked and murdered by Muslims in a kind of rolling pogrom. Ilan Halami was a Jew. He was... kidnapped and murdered because he was singled out as a Jew for this fate. A number of recent kidnappings have taken place of which the vast majority of victims have been Jews and their kidnappers Muslims. As Nidra Poller has reported in the Wall Street Journal [http://online.wsj.com/article/SB114064452021880485.html]:
the gang phoned the family on several occasions and made them listen to the recitation of verses from the Quran, while Ilan's tortured screams could be heard in the background. The family has publicly criticized the police for deliberately ignoring the explicit anti-Semitic motives, which were repeatedly expressed and should have dictated an entirely different approach to the case from the start. Police searches have now revealed the presence of Islamist literature in the home of at least one of the gang members. The highest echelons of the French government are now preoccupied with the murder of Ilan Halimi. Paris is well aware that the case threatens France's international reputation, but far more than that is at stake. Once again, as in the suburban riots of 2005, the country is forced to come face to face with the criminalized, alienated and racist Muslim youth and their adult enablers in its midst. Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin declared, in a long speech delivered at the annual dinner of the CRIF, that this heinous crime was anti-Semitic, and that anti-Semitism is not acceptable in France

according to reports in the French press, some of the suspects in police custody said that they tortured Ilan with particular cruelty simply because he was Jewish.
No longer able to deny or play down the racial motive, the investigation is entering a new phase. One of the most troubling aspects of this affair is the probable involvement of relatives and neighbors, beyond the immediate circle of the gang, who were told about the Jewish hostage and dropped in to participate in the torture.
Ilan's uncle Rafi Halimi told reporters that the gang phoned the family on several occasions and made them listen to the recitation of verses from the Koran, while Ilan's tortured screams could be heard in the background. The family has publicly criticized the police for deliberately ignoring the explicit anti-Semitic motives, which were repeatedly expressed and should have dictated an entirely different approach to the case from the start. Police searches have now revealed the presence of Islamist literature in the home of at least one of the gang members.

Halimi suspect Extradited

Mideast Dispatch Archive: Ilan Halimi: Tortured and killed in ...Feb 23, 2006 ... ILAN HALIMI A VICTIM OF “ISLAMO-FASCISM” ....

Gang of Barbarians

French suburban 'barbarians' (mainly Arab Muslims) target Jews

Mark Steyn on the murder of Ilan Halimi

May his memory be a democratic blessing

Halimi died because he was Jewish

Halimi's recent murder is only now being recognized in France as a racist hate crime. While the delay in such recognition needs to be addressed, the French are finally beginning to acknowledge that such offences are being perpetrated in France and must not be explained away or ignored - for the good of the country as a whole.

NY Memorial for Ilan


Remembering Ilan Halimi

French leaders pay tribute to Ilan Halimi at Paris synagogue

Mother of murdered French Jew

Father of Ilan Halimi describes kidnapping ordeal

The story of Ilan Halimi's murder at the hands of a terrorist gang of French Muslims brings to the surface the various pathologies now converging to make the prospect of annihilating all Jews seem possible to our enemies. First, there are the murderers who took such apparent pleasure and felt such pride in the fact that for 20 days they tortured their Jewish hostage to death.
This makes sense. Anti-Semitism in the Muslim dominated suburbs of Paris and other French cities is all-encompassing. As Nidra Poller related in Thursday's Wall Street Journal, "One of the most troubling aspects of this affair is the probable involvement of relatives and neighbors, beyond the immediate circle of the gang [of kidnappers], who were told about the Jewish hostage and dropped in to participate in the torture."
It appears that Ilan Halimi's murderers had some connection to Hamas. Tuesday, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said that police found propaganda published by the Palestinian Charity Committee or the CBSP at the home of one of the suspects. The European Jewish Press reported this week that Israel has alleged that the organization is a front group for Palestinian terrorists and that in August 2003 the US government froze the organization's US bank accounts, accusing it of links with Hamas.

Ottawa memorial service recalls murdered/tortured Jew

There you have it, Quranic [Quran-ic] Torture, Islamic Fascistic hatred, "Palestinian - charity" & Propaganda, all in one case, involving around 30 Muslims, plus "ordinary" 30+ Muslims (neighbours) that knew and said nothing!


A Follow-up attack?

Jewish teen tortured in French town where Ilan Halimi was killed
The incident of brutal abuse began at 10 A.M. on February 22. Mathieu Roumi, 19, whose father is Jewish, was strolling through his neighborhood in the Paris suburb of Bagneux, which has been the site of violent riots by immigrants in the past two years. The suburb became notorious as the scene of Ilan Halimi's 2006 murder, which horrified France.
...after which they beat him and, with the help of a third friend, dragged him to a dark basement. The three assailants were joined by three other youths, all neighborhood residents and neighbors of Roumi.
For two hours the attackers tortured the young man. One shoved cigarette butts into his mouth, another took issue with Roumi's Jewish origin, grabbed correction fluid and scrawled "dirty Jew" on his forehead. The six men proceeded to scream at him and threaten that he would die the way Halimi did.
They identified themselves as members of the "Barbarians," the same gang that kidnapped Halimi from his store, demanded ransom for his release, and when that was not forthcoming, tortured the 23-year-old over the course of three weeks. Moments after he was dumped on the street, Halimi died. ...
"We admire Youssouf Fofana!" they shouted at him, referring to the leader of the gang that murdered Halimi. Fofana and 29 other suspects are on trial for abduction, torture and murder. If convicted, they can expect a life sentence.
...the six assailants were arrested. Most are in their 20s, two come from Muslim homes...

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Germany tells Islamic Hitler Ahmadinejad (in Iran): the Holocaust is a historical fact & its unparalleled crime on the 6,000,000 Jews

Germany tells Islamic Hitler Ahmadinejad (in Iran): the Holocaust is a historical fact & its unparalleled crime on the 6,000,000 Jews

Ex-German chancellor, in Iran, says “Holocaust a fact”

Feb 21, 2009

TEHRAN, Feb 21 (Reuters) - Visiting former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder criticised on Saturday Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for casting doubt over the Holocaust, saying the slaughter of 6 million Jews by Nazis was a fact.

Since coming to power in 2005, Ahmadinejad has provoked international condemnation for saying the Holocaust was a “myth” and calling Israel a “tumour” in the Middle East.

“The Holocaust is a historic fact and there is no sense in denying this unparalleled crime,” Schroeder told the Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

“Iran needs to take responsibility and respect international rules, if it wants to be taken seriously as a regional power.”

Schroeder, due to meet Ahmadinejad in Tehran later on Saturday, also criticised the hardline leader for his views on Israel which Iran has refused to recognise since its 1979 Islamic revolution.


Germany’s ex-chancellor asks Iranians to recognise Holocaust Hanover (Germany), Feb 21 (DPA) On a visit to Iran, former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was set to criticise Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s denial that the Holocaust happened, a German newspaper said Friday.


More on Islamic Hitler: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/173597.php

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At least one case of “Moderate” Arab Muslims’ bigotry - defeated [Arabism's racism]

At least one case of “Moderate” Arab Muslims’ bigotry - defeated

Bret Stephens on http://www.foxnews.com/journal/“hits & misses”, The Fining of UAE over denial of visa to Israeli tennis player is a “defeat for bigotry”

WTA fines Dubai Open organisers after Israeli Shahar Peer denied visa - Feb 20, 2009 The Women’s Tennis Association has fined the Dubai Open organisers $US300,000 ($A465,000) after the United Arab Emirates refused to grant a visa to Israeli …


Under-fire UAE likely to give Israel’s Andy Ram a visa

Israeli doubles specialist Andy Ram is likely to be granted a visa by the United Arab Emirates to play in the Dubai Championships next week, which could prevent a major crisis for tennis…

“To discriminate as the UAE did against one player in this way smacks of bigotry and racism,” the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations said in a statement. “This must be declared unacceptable by the WTA and all international sporting associations. As we learned in the past, failure to condemn such actions and take corrective measures, proves destructive to international sporting competition.”


Sponsors pull out of Dubai Open after UAE deny visa to Israeli

RACISM ROW: The Wall Street Journal Europe and the Tennis Channel have revoked their sponsorship of the WTA Dubai Open because the UAE denied a visa to Israeli player Shahar Peer.


Tennis: Racism Rears Its Ugly Head Shahar Peer is an Israeli tennis player. The United Arab Emirates barred her from participating in the Barclays Dubai tournament


United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has no diplomatic links with Israel, denied her an entry visa into the country. “To discriminate as the UAE did against one player in this way smacks of bigotry and racism,”


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Made in Israel VS Made in "Palestine"

Made in Israel VS Made in "Palestine"


Let's see, what we got in the Israel "Palestine' region.

You are probably aware of some of Israel's great achievements, not only in amazing efforts of seeking to minimize civilian casualties in anti-terror operations - inventing low range precision missiles targeting terrorists only, but in agriculture for example as well, where many countries around the world come to see how this young re-established democracy has managed to advance.

Or in medical fields, in which with Israelis' kindness and compassion many poor/less advantaged foreigners (including Arabs, Muslims) enjoy free treatment.

Or in technology, two highlights one can point out are instant messaging on AOL, or, Did you know that the first PC was developed in Israel's microsoft?, and yes, that little device that you use so much and so often, cellular telephone was actually developed first in Israel...



Good News from Israel... The cell phone was developed in Israel by Motorola-Israel. ...


The USB computer-memory chip, voice mail technology and AOL Instant Messenger ICQ all were invented in Israel. More than 90% of Israeli adults read a ...


Israel @60 : Tech Innovations that Changed the Industry ...May 8, 2008 ... ICQ: I couldn't do my job without instant messaging today. ... of different individuals 'claim' to have invented/pioneered the firewall, ...


A TIME TO SPEAK... Do they know that the cell-phone was invented in Israel? Do they use the Instant Message e-mail program? Do they know that it was invented in Israel? ...


Israel is the Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean « The Real Israel I just heard that Israel invented the cell phone, instant messaging, the firewall, and has the highest number of university degrees per capita in the world ...


Israel's Technology Creates an Investment Goliath - Israel, with less than 7 million people, has become a Goliath in the world of technology and medicine. It is third only to America and Canada in the number ...


Amazon.com: Israel in the World: Changing Lives Through Innovation ...This beautifully illustrated book shows some of the important contributions Israel is doing in several areas, from technology to medicine right now. ...


Focus on Israel: Israel's Agriculture in the 21st Century As such, it is the primary driving force behind Israel's internationally-acclaimed agricultural achievements. The ARO incorporates seven institutes on its ...


Israel Agricultural Tourism, Israel can’t help but be proud of its agricultural achievements, considering its small dimensions, minimal water resources and other challenges. ...


Israel Advances in Medicine Sars, There is virtually no area of medicine to which Israeli devices have not made ... a few of the medical sciences benefiting from advanced Israeli technology. ...


IsraCast: Israeli Medicine - Medical Articles. IsraCast is proud to announce a unique ... A new Israeli technology makes use of genetic engineering...




But we can be grateful that in this war, the IDF with new leaders at its helm ... unprecedented lengths undertaken to minimize non combatant casualties. They pointed to the precision targeting which was far superior to the U.S.and allied ... current crisis which led to over 6500 missiles being launched into Israel. ...


[PPT] File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint

Jan 14, 2009 ... Various Methods Used by the IDF to Diminish Civilian Casualties ... The IDF uses Guided Precision Munitions (GPM) to target terrorist ... and operatives and minimize collateral damage to the civilian population ...


Reuters AlertNet - Israel: IDF Operating a Moral War in Gaza? Jan 18, 2009 ... I have no doubt the IDF is a moral army, strict as much as it can with ethical ... how in such different war conditions, it can minimize harm within civilians. ... as well as the moral element of reducing civilian casualties. But just like the introduction of PGMs (Precision Guided Munitions) two ...


Challenge upon Challenge by Victor Davis Hanson on National Review ...And precision weapons allowed us to minimize civilian casualties and avoid the ... best chance of reining in the IDF is not through a cascade of missiles, ...


The precision of IDF operations is impressive... The problem is, the government is telling the IDF to minimize casualties as it loses ...


IDF- Limiting Harm to Civilians - SlideBoomVarious Methods Used by the IDF to Diminish Civilian Casualties ... Pinpoint Operations and Precision Striking The IDF uses Guided Precision Munitions ... and operatives and minimize collateral damage to the civilian population...




Israeli doctors treat Palestinian children in 'Saving Children ...Another 350-400 children have undergone free diagnostic testing...


[PDF] Save A Child's Heart Israel Humanitarian Program Helps Rwanda ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

The SACH Israel humanitarian medical team visited the King Faisel Hospital in ... as part of its long-standing humanitarian activities that has brought over ...


How Israel coordinates humanitarian supplies for Gaza JTA ...An office in the Israeli Defense Ministry created after the 1967 Six-Day War is responsible for the coordination of humanitarian activities in the West Bank ...


The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid Rotary Israel's Humanitarian Activities Around The World Rotary Israel assisting people around the world in Turkey, Kosovo, Costa Rica and more. ...


Israel Humanitarian Aid Disaster Response - Israeli Flying Aid (IFA) organization was established in 2005 by Gal Lousky, after many years of humanitarian activities and reach experience. ...


Since the outburst of the latest round of violence on September hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians have needed medical care at Hadassah. Hadassah Medical Organization have not experienced any changes in Clientele represented in the emergency rooms or elsewhere. Hadassah employees, Muslim, Christian and Jewish continue to work together in a model of coexistence. Hadssah continues to receive inquiries from American Red Cross about treating Palestinian children from the Westbank and Gaza Strip. If the parents agree to treatement, HMO will arrange for transportation and provide treatement. HMO has collaborated with Arab leaders and institutions in some of the most critical areas for emergency medical relief as is needed in times of conflict.Hadassah has trained many Arab doctors. In the last days emergency services have increased and the conditions under which those services are rendered have intensified.


...to report on Israel’s merciful treatment of Palestinian children.

Hadassah reports that during the last six months over 40 Palestinian youngsters with severe heart problems were treated at the Hadassah Hospital, Ein Karem, outside Jerusalem, through the Peres Peace Center/Hadassah project. These youngsters would not have had access to free heart surgery otherwise, or anywhere else.

It is difficult to escape the irony here: While Israeli children are being blown up in buses, pizzerias, riding a car with their parents, Palestinian children are receiving state-of-the-art medical treatment at a world-renowned Israeli hospital...


Israeli doctors continue to treat Palestinian children - ISRAEL21c Prior to the Oslo Accord all Palestinian children automatically received free treatment in Israeli hospitals. However, on receiving their autonomy the ...


Israeli Hospital Offers Free Treatment to Young Lebanese ... hospital are said to be children from abroad, including the Palestinian Authority. ...


PA cuts transfer of sick Palestinians to Israeli hospitals ...Feb 16, 2009 ... "We have given such life-and-death treatments free or solicited ... Palestinian patients and the PA are charged Israeli treatment rates - not the ... that refers sick 1000 Palestinian children to Israeli hospitals...



But What about the 'other side', the Arabs [who immigrated to the holy-land mainly in the late 1800s early 1900s and call themselves since the 1960s as] "Palestinians"?

You might be surprised to hear that this group of Arab-Muslims have some very mighty original invention, though not in improvement for their own people -much less for anybody else, not in "kindness", nor in "compassion", but rather the opposite, the opposite of humane and humanity.

"wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge" (Jeremiah 4:22).

How to create self victim-hood, at any cost, they will go to great length to make sure that their civilians, preferably their women and kids, die, so they can portray Israel as "bad".

These self orchestrated "massacres" are essential in their death cult "culture" of Palestinainism [that (1) glorifies death over life, killing one self if it can bring down an infidel as well, or even just (2) bringing down the image of the non Muslim entity there, AKA Israel, (3) distorts history and (4) incites to genocide] in order to keep the "Palestinian" drama alive, each time so often they "have" to create some atrocities that they can pin on Israel (Iran's Hezbollah thugs have picked up on that very successfully in 2006).

Their "original" ideas what to use for terror, range from putting their kids in front machine guns to use of ambulances, UN vehicles, pregnant women, you name it.

A European has once told me: '"The Palestinians are the only ones that are the aggressors, yet, manage to play "victim"' so successfully.

When not creating 'massacres', the policy of keeping their people in shambles is very strong, robbing aid intended to its poor is nothing but a manifestation of its leadership's routine abuse, so they can have both, the "cake" of appearing on world stage as victim and "eat it too", the billions of course.

In fact, self destruction was always their legacy.

Fair to say that since racist "Palestinianism" in its core, historically or present is never about "pro" themselves, but (more) about "anti" the other, anti-Israel or anti Jews, the well being of their people is not desired, but the opposite is true.



Totally original...

What inhumane abuse of humanity have they not yet used for their murderous crimes?

The Palestinian use of ambulances and medical materials for terror


The ambulances-for-terrorists scandal ... Palestinian gunmen used the UNRWA emergency vehicle as getaway transportation after ... to using his official U.N. vehicle to bypass security and smuggle arms, explosives, ...


...photo dated May 11, 2004 that shows armed Palestinians jumping into a UN ambulance. http://www.honestreporting.org/UNRWA_Hamas.html

Hamas operatives use various methods to implement their ideology of jihad and anti-Israel terrorism, including disguising themselves as civilians, even women, in order to avoid detection and carry out their attacks. In September 2007, while conducting operations against the terrorist infrastructure in the Ein Beit Ilma refugee camp in Nablus, Israel security forces discovered a fugitive hiding beneath a bed upon which a pregnant woman lay, objecting to the search. The fugitive, Ahmed Yussuf Aya Abd-el Iz, one of the heads of the Hamas infrastructure in the camp, was arrested. In another incident, an Israeli force arrested Ahmed Yussuf Abd El Abu Shehada, another Hamas operative, who disguised himself in women's clothing in an attempt to dupe IDF forces searching for him. Three other Hamas operatives, Haled Nuri, Yussuf Nadi and Mustafa Nuri, were arrested in the same operation. They admitted during questioning to the planning of attacks against Israeli targets as well as to Mustafa Nuri's desire to commit a suicide attack.


Reut Cohen: UN School Used by Palestinian Terrorists as Weapons ...Jan 6, 2009 ... The IDF issued a statement saying the school grounds were used by terrorists to fire mortar shells at the troops. ...


Gaza Strip mosque used by Palestinian rocket cells targeting Israeli communities; several people ...


IAF bombs Gaza mosque being used as weapons storehouse The ...Dec 31, 2008 ...officials said that over the last few days, Palestinian militants...


Air force bombs mosque used for rocket attacks - Haaretz - Israel News Jan 2, 2009 ... Gaza mosque used as terror hub ...


Palestinian missile hits kindergarten; toddler dead

Monday, June 28 2004 15:24 Hrs (IST)

Jerusalem: Stepping up attacks in the Middle East, Palestinian militants fired home-made rockets which landed at a kindergarten in Southern Israel, killing two people, including a three-year-old child...

Israel launched two separate missile strikes at metal workshops in Gaza City early today morning saying they were being used by Hamas and other militant groups to make weapons, including home-made rockets.


Weapons Workshops in Refugee Camps The weapons workshops were situated in refugee camps to camouflage their activity. They were set up in the heart of densely populated civilian areas, sometimes in an apartment near a school, or next to a kindergarten, or by a crowded commercial area.


Arab terrorist's wife used boy to hide grenade


Nov 22, 2006 ... On November 8th, at a mosque in Beit Hanoun, Gaza, the Palestinians used about fifty heavily-shrouded women as “human shields” to provide ...


Mar 15, 2008 ... Palestinians Admit Using Human Shields. by Carlos .... "Hamas MP Fathi Hammad: We Used Women and Children as Human Shields. ...


United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Chief John Holmes blasted Hamas Tuesday for its "cynical" use of civilian facilities during recent hostilities in the Gaza Strip.

"The reckless and cynical use of civilian installations by Hamas and indiscriminate firing of rockets against civilian populations are clear violations of international humanitarian law," Holmes told the UN Security Council.

(Jan. 28, 2009)



uk.youtube.com — Four Palestinian terrorists hid behind a woman and her baby, then when Israeli soldiers approached the woman to offer help, the terrorists emerged and shot dead the Israelis. This story shows how yet again, Palestinians managed to ambush and kill young Israelis, by using a woman and her baby as a HUMAN SHIELD


Hamas threw 'medicine grenades' at IDF

Feb 13, 2009

Medicine bottles transferred to the Gaza Strip as humanitarian aid by Israel, were used by Hamas as grenades against IDF troops during Operation Cast Lead


Palestinian Women Asked to Sacrifice Their Children


Exploitation of Israel’s humanitarian policies to carry out terrorist activity The buffer zone in the Gaza Strip, in addition to security checks and preventative measures carried out by security forces, present major obstacles for terror organizations attempting to bring terrorists into Israel from Gaza. In recent years, a trend has developed in which Palestinian terror elements have attempted to overcome these obstacles by bringing in terrorists and terror activists through the existing crossing points into Israel, presenting them as sick individuals in need of medical treatment and thus exploiting Israel’s humanitarian policy of providing medical treatment to all those in need.



...Bat Ye'or, who he describes as the world's foremost historian of "dhimmitude" -- the status of non-Muslim peoples under Islam. He describes Bat Ye'or's forthcoming book Eurabia as applying the theme (dimmitude)to contemporary developments in Europe. Today she previews the theme in the context of Arafat's death: "Arafat's legacy for Europe." Her thesis is that Europe has submitted to "the cult of Palestinianism":

Palestinianism condenses jihadist values. It promotes the destruction of Israel, the denial of Hebrew biblical history and hence Christianity. It preaches Islamic replacement theology and the Arabization and Islamization of the Holy Land's biblical archeology. Arafat, its leader, was the bin Laden of a seduced Europe, which applauded his policy of spectacular terrorism. It is Arafat who initiated in 1968 air piracy against Jews, hostage ransoming, suicide bombings, random killings of civilians and the destruction of urban areas as in Lebanon. In short, the current global terror campaign was successfully introduced first by Arafat against Jews and Israelis, as well as Lebanese Christians.

argued case that demands attention.

The Big Trunk also speaks of Bat Ye'or, who he describes as the world's foremost historian of "dhimmitude" -- the status of non-Muslim peoples under Islam. He describes Bat Ye'or's forthcoming book Eurabia as applying the theme (dimmitude)to contemporary developments in Europe. Today she previews the theme in the context of Arafat's death: "Arafat's legacy for Europe." Her thesis is that Europe has submitted to "the cult of Palestinianism":

Palestinianism condenses jihadist values. It promotes the destruction of Israel, the denial of Hebrew biblical history and hence Christianity. It preaches Islamic replacement theology and the Arabization and Islamization of the Holy Land's biblical archeology. Arafat, its leader, was the bin Laden of a seduced Europe, which applauded his policy of spectacular terrorism. It is Arafat who initiated in 1968 air piracy against Jews, hostage ransoming, suicide bombings, random killings of civilians and the destruction of urban areas as in Lebanon. In short, the current global terror campaign was successfully introduced first by Arafat against Jews and Israelis, as well as Lebanese Christians.


Palestinianism is the new European salvific theology created to help the Arabs destroy Israel, but which in fact is eating away at the roots ...



Palestinian Authority Corruption With GDP down nearly 70 percent, Palestinians have seen their collective national net worth ... They kill people who they believe have provided the Israeli army with ... out valuable contracts without oversight and create their own monopolies, ... involved in stealing the $160 million Gaza Employees Pension Fund, ...


[Their] corruption: the source of Palestinian suffering... Mar 15, 2001 ...Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) ... Never having to account for the billions he had stolen, ...


Arafat's Billions


Yasser Arafat's Treacherous Legacy By many investigative news accounts, Arafat stole billions of dollars in aid ... The poor Palestinians have been and remain nothing more than useful dupes ...


Mideast Dispatch Archive: Suha Arafat, TVs for the World Cup, and ...Jun 13, 2006 ... With all this Palestinian money squandered and stolen by one of their own, ... world opinion to recover the money Arafat stole from them. ...


...By all accounts Arafat has stolen billions of dollars in aid money meant for ... The poor Palestinians have been and remain nothing more than useful dupes ...


Gaza Crisis: Hamas steal aid as Israel prepares for forthcoming ...The UN has accused Hamas police officers of stealing blankets and food ... Elsewhere on the aid front, the Palestinian Authority has pledged $600m for the ...


Israeli News: Palestinians steal international aid before it ...Palestinians steal aid before it arrives. As Arab countries promised more than $2 billion to finance Gaza reconstruction, Fatah officials quickly registered ...


Palestinian straw firms said aiming to 'steal' Gaza funds Middle ...Jan 26, 2009 ... The Palestinian Authority on Monday promised to look into claims that a ... the other of stealing aid convoys dispatched to the Gaza Strip.


Hamas seizes UN food aid in Gaza - International Herald ...Feb 4, 2009 ... Israeli officials say the incident vindicated their long-standing claims that Hamas routinely confiscates aid meant for needy Gazans. "We have said in the past that we know Hamas is stealing humanitarian aid and donations from international .... UN says Hamas seized Gaza food aid and blankets ...


UNRWA suspends aid to Gaza after Hamas again seizes supplies ...Feb 6, 2009 ... UNRWA informed the IDF on Friday it is suspending humanitarian aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip after Hamas stole supplies it had ...


Did aid flow to the Palestinian people? Only those who could buy it on the black ... to steal food from the mouths of starving children for their own fundraisers. ..... And a people that will martyr their own children are capable of anything. ... (Call back when you figure out a way to blame Israel for this too.) ...



Negating the Nakba Narrative - May 30, 2008 ... . The self-destructive errors first made in 1947 ...


Nakba Crapka…The Arab nakba was a catastrophe which didn’t have to be. Arabs were mainly victims of self-inflicted wounds which occurred due to their own subjugating, ...


Nakba (2006)... the Palestinians celebrated Nakba (the "look at us, ... Since they spend all their time blaming others for their self-inflicted ...


Palestine's Self-Inflicted Wound May 17, 2007 ... The Nakba was indeed a catastrophe, but it was a self-inflicted wound. The Palestinian Nakba was a direct result of the refusal of the ...


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

PALLYWOOD TIRADE:: Arab 'Palestinians' Self Destructive Lying Criminal Drama language

Arab 'Palestinians' Self Destructive Lying Criminal Drama language

Fareed Zakaria (fareedzakaria) Interviewed a "Palestinian" rep. that has played that drama hype language on Israel, like "apartheid"; (never mind the unfair treatment Jewish Israelis often run into as opposed to Israeli Arabs being favored in Israeli courts and police) & excusing Palestinian crimes (including genocidal Hamas that uses Arab civilians to kill Israeli civilians) with the usual "occupation"; of course.

He also lied openly (as Pallywood so well does) about Israelis effort on peace vis-a-vis self destructive Palestinian Muslims.

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To: fareedzakariagps@cnn.com

The ‘Palestinian’ Criminal Drama Lying language

What’s up with the Palestinian phenomenon of “drama”?

This contagious fake language that got even onto that Ex President Carter.


Why is ethnic cleansing of Jews from areas in Israel (”Palestine”) called a “step towards peace” and Avigdor Lieberman’s platform is called “ethnic cleansing”?

And if “resettling” by Lieberman is described so dramatically as “neo fascism” (for no reason) what do you call (Palestine - Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, etc.) Islamofascism’s blatant call to kill all Jews - plain and simple?


Have you ever described any security checkpoint (whether in the airport or anywhere else) as an “apartheid” and “oppression”?


The hype rhetoric ‘Islamic behavior’ not only in their own media where they incite their youths towards Jihad with this “victimhood” & demonization of Israelis mentality, but on international platforms as well, whether on international media or in the UN - besides destroying their own society they fail to understand how they alienate Israelis that would sacrifice even more for any chance of peace.


The Anti Jewish racist violence by Arabs in the holy-land started in the 1920’s not in the 1967 where the so called “occupation” excuse was invented.

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