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25 years to BBC (WAR) CRIMES!

25 Years (1982-2007) to BBC (war) Crimes on Israel (Images war)

'Victimhood' as a cult, as a pretext to mass murder & Jihadi-fascistic promotion

We are all so used to the usual song by Arabists & Islamists propagandists, that it´s their ''victimhood'' that ''makes'' them terrorists.

There is only the fundamental problem, their fundamentalism that is, their Jihadi-fascistic ideology on the 'infidels' has nothing to do with what the west does or does not do, though images, especially their tactics to bring about collateral damage & ultimately to those desired (by them) graphic photos of injured Arab kids so that they will be able to use to boost up their Islamo-Fascism idea across their mainstream (& recruitement) and mainly as a P.R. promotion among westerners-appeasers/liberals.

Thus, the chief ambassador between the Islmao-fascists, Arab racists & the west would be the BBC, right on top!

BBC At Islamists service for 25 years

As I saw yesterday on the infamous biased Arabist BBC a show of prolonged visit of a Lebanese hospital of extremely graphic photos of injured Arab kids, I got closer to the screen to make sure it is not Al Jazeera or some ´Palestinian´ notorious propaganda (true or false PALLYWOOD style photos scene) obsessive bloody photos campaign, but no! it was clearly a werstern media, the BBC in all it´s glory-not.

3 Questiuons:

1) What was the point in showing us dripping blood?

2) Why wasn't the culprit - their brothers the Arab Muslim Hezbollah with their human shielding cruelty, even mentioned?

3) Is the BBC barred from Israeli hospitals? hundreds of injured Israeli civilians, of current direct INTENTIONAL ISLAMISTS ATTACKS on CIVILIANS, were not even mentioned and yes, not one of them is guilty of 'aiding and abedding terrorists' as it is mostly the case on the Lebanese side... or are Israeli babies not human enough in BBC eyes to be deserving some spot AT ALL on their (twisted-around) monitor?

If you remember, this BBC trend has started mainly since the Arab on Arab masacre at Sabra & Shatila (1982) was carried out and Israel was charged for not disturbing the Arab Christian payback massacre on Palestinians´ massacre at Damour (Christian village), because as you know, these same ´Palestinians´ wished (ats always) only ´peace´ and olive branches´ for the Zionists.

BBC was the leader in the vicious anti-Israel war at the international arena, as then, now, yesterday (July-23-06) BBC´s Jim Muir was urging the UN representative to bash Israel, the rep. that toured the area where Israel has shelled was actually emphasizing that in fact the doesn't know what was BEFORE and AMONG the buildings (hinting it might be a Hezboillah terror infested bunker field, which in fact WAS the case) but Jim pressed on when the UN said it is 'against international law', miserable desperate Jim tried to squeez the words 'war crimes' out of him, but to no avail.

Never mind that both of them disregarded completely the direct fault of Hezbollah, of course.

And of course, who can ever forget the 'tank VS kid' most false reality image that they kept showing us, as if Israel is after 'kids', or are they after the invisible adults that use their kids as bombs, as shields when these coward adults fear to face Israelis face to face but are BIG 'resistance heroes' to shoot behind their little kids, yup, kids fall, Arab Muslim paree¡nts 'cry' BBC loved that, still does.

I don't care if it's Arabian market (i.e. pure greed) BBC is after or it's a sick automatic blind 'tradition' they can't escape it any more.

I have been asked by a British man what is on BBC to start to be even handed (which the BBC itself has admitted, in being anti-Israel.

Well, for a start, BBC should give us 25 years of images of ONLY Israeli injured, hopefully there won't be any, but at least not one image of the Arab side, if they want to start to balnce things out.

As long as the BBC and to some extend the CNN will ONLY show us the Arab injured kid 1) Without explaining the crimes of Arab Muslims of using civilians 2) Without showing us Israeli victims on the screen, all the talks afterwards are null and void.

How low/far will Islamo Arabs go to GAIN graphic bloody photos of injured Arab kids?

The Arabists and Islamistrs have learned all too well the images war, whiche is why they will cause the maximum damage to their own so they can proclaim´'victimhood', while Israel is more concentrated in self defense & life-saving.

It's the reporting, not the fact, that feeds the 'Arab street'

Keep in mind that it's not what's happening but what is being fed to the Arab Muslium youth, blaim Arab - Muslim mainstream media and then the BBC that boosts uip their motivation to keep mon their REAL (WAR OR PLAIN) CRIMES.

Each time you see such a drama scene of an Arab Muslim woman crying, whether it's a fakew 'civilian' and a real Hezbollah or Hamas aid that plays 'victim' or an authentic civilian that was used by Hezbollah or Hamas, remember, it's the way of reporting, omitting the victims on the other side and omitting the real culprit foir these victims.

Which is why when I saw yesterday a bloody child on BBC screen I wanted to scream WAR CRIMES by the BBC!
And just like many haters that incite (more) the Arabs against the Jews, BBC is no better!
They are responsible in large part of victims on both sides!

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