Thursday, July 06, 2006

Buzzwords as 'created' by the fake "Palestinians" - masters in marketing emptiness as "drama"

Buzzwords as 'created' by the fake "Palestinians" - masters in marketing emptiness as "drama"

As you know the fake victim group called "Palestinians". has always had issues, with these issues (old or new) they have been justifying the cruelest lowest crimes known to mankind, from using it';s kids as bombs and as human shields, from using pregnant women and ambulances for bombings up to killing their own kids and blaming Israel via fake footage - PALLYWOOD,

Never a boring moment, this fake drama cult is always reinventing itself, refreshing it's "victimhood", every other season.

Always when they reach a dull point, they seek to re-do their campaign, a new slogan, a new "issue"

True, in the 1920's (such as the 1929 Hebron massacre & others) they were not that sophisticated to come up with "buzzwords" as to why they just like to massacre innocent Jews, later on, especially in the 1960's when the term "Palestinian people" was invented, many "issues" came along the way.

* "Occupation", FACT? Never mind that the Arabs started their massacres long before the 1967 defensive war which they call "occupation", Since when was there a "Palestine" sovereign nation ever in history that one could use the "occupation" buzzword as a "fact"?

* "Wall", FACT? There are fences in borders worldwide, actually, in places that never face such dangerous genocide bombers, as Israel faces.

* "Checkpoints", FACT? Well, think about it, next time you catch a flight & you are passing by security.

The "Intifadahs"... The second one got a Marketing" from that Egyptian born "Palestinian" (LOL) that was "fighting for his homeland", the most "Palestinian" one can get and the classic one: thief - butcher: Yassir Arafat, he came up with connecting the Muslim legend about Muhammad having a dream about Jerusalem, in order to recruit Muslims opinion to his racist "struggle" against Israel's survival he continued on playing on "Palestinian Muslims are oppressed by infidels", adding a dimension of "Al Aqsa" (that Mosque on the Jewish temple mount), this "marketing" had a bloody effect in the real sense of the word, this Arafat's most venomous criminal & irresponsible incitement of a billion people, doesn't see a cure anywhere in the near future.

All in all they've been successful -- just look at the media - in their marketing of hoaxes, drama exaggeration, or blatant flat out lies, their wrapping is ever more creative, you got to give it to them.


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