Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Again, Israel VS "Palestine" - Culture of Life VS Cult of Death

Again, Israel VS "Palestine" - Culture of Life VS Cult of Death

Enemies of Israel, especially the Islamo Arab pro-Jihadi-Death-cult, will never be able to understand why Israel is so involved in a reaction to rescue (even) just ONE of it's youngsters that was kidnapped (July 2006), another cruel method by all time cruel "Palestinians".

How can a cult that worships: cruelty, suicide, homicide, genocide, have a concept of saving lives, of rescue, of humanity?

When evil sees humanity & compassion as a weakness and viciousness & terrorizing as heroic.

As "Palestinians" know Israel's value for ALL lives, use and abuse Israel's sensitivity in unarmed civilians that "Palestinian" terrorists love to use as shields....

Indeed Israel values it's enemies' lives far more than their enemies value the lives of their own.

The death cult "Palestinians' that value death over life (words of: Sheik Yassin of Hamas) even on their own, let alone the lives of Christians & Jews - infidels.

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