Monday, July 17, 2006

Good VS Evil, summary of last days...

Good VS Evil, summary of last days...

- Arab-Muslim-Jihadists ('Palestinians' & Iranian- Hezbullah) bomb civilians directly -- in the comfort of their homes -- and Israel sends out fliers for civilians to evacuate the Hezbullah area before they are going to react.

- Arab-Muslim-Jihadists attack BUSY residential-houses in broad day light & Israel attacks EMPTY Hamas-buildings on 1:20 AM 'just to send a message'.

- Arab Muslim Jihadists ('Palestinians') are caught with explosives about to carry out 'another genocide bombing on a: school/restaurant/bus, etc.' and Israel bombs Hamas officials EMPTY building.

- Arab Muslim Jihadists attack residents MURDERING BY FULL INTENTION ALREADY 24 (!!!) in Haifa, Nazareth, Afula and Israel bombs bridges that leads to Hezbullah sponsors: Syria (& Iran).

Israel "palestine" - 101


And still it's not enough, Israel is still criticized for it's resolve to breath.
Poor coward puppet in Lebanon, changed his tune to be apologetic today, probably by threats from Syria-Iran-Hezbollah.

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