Friday, July 21, 2006

Islamists terrorists' strength - their civilian-shields

Islamists terrorists' strength - their civilian-shields

Even if you happen to be an Arab Muslim, one thing that we can all agree upon is, that Israel has a brave army, a strong one and full of resolve, one that no Arab army -- even combined -- could ever defeat.
In fact enem,ies of Israel like to point it out so that the defender - Israel appears as the 'Golitah', though in fact Iranian nukes or Arab oil in the UN or combined Arab Muslim enemies are (the) massive, though coward, Goliath..

You might wonder, what's Hezbollah's secret weapon?
Is it Iranian intelligence?
Syrian AND Iranian combined arms, finance, advice and personell?
Stilll it wouldn't make much sense.
Their bravery?
You must be kidding, they don't dare face Israelis face to face, only a shot from a mobile disclosed location and disappear again...

Here it is, their secret weapon: Women's skirts, civilian population and preferably kids.
Their infamous use of human shields, when they all know 100% sure that Israel just CAN'T hit at them at that 'moment of exposure', all Israelis are able to do is dropping fliers to the local ivilian population to evacuate, so Hezbullah murderers pick up on that warning and run again in their cowardice-flee.

In other words, Hezbollah strength is Israel's soft-humanity, Israel's humane soul was always the source for Islamo Arab evil.

Be proud Israel!

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