Friday, July 21, 2006

Does Israel have any children?

Does Israel have any children?

Having watched TV lately, flooded with images of Arab civilians that their brothers - the Hezbollah love to use as shields to fire among/behind them.

Being witness to the racist remark of the "moderate" Arab Muslim leader of Lebanon as a reaction to Israeli police hitting the criminal Jihadi murderers: 'Israel is a war machine'.

Is there such a thing as an Israeli child, an Israel woman, let alone an Israeli child injured from deliberate Arab Muslim "holy wars"?

100 Israeli civilians have beenb injured last week from Hezbollah shelling.
Yes, accurate numbers, unlike Arab media/leaders known for their falshood or exaggeration to shock the world.

You might not notice this but this is a long racist vicious campaign that envolves basically all Arab media, an Israeli without a tank is impossible to find, sadly, the BBC/CNN picked up on that trend in the violent "Palestinian" intofada and last week at Hezbollah's war.

There is no such a thing as an Israeli victim in the fascistic Arab world mindset, every Israeli baby is a "tank", an Israeli woman is a "cannon", Israeli babies are bombs.

One of the easiest tools in the bloody hands of radical Islamo Arab's war to erase Israel from the map.


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Hey WORLD! Stop supporting NEO-NAZI ARABS!


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