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Israeli Arabs have equality under law

Israeli Arabs have equality under law

Letters to the Editor

Feb 10 2007

In response to William Keil (letter, Jan. 14):
My issue with former President Carter's book was that incorrect facts are used in the book and the charge of racism made against Israel is wrong.

An employee of former President Carter quit his employ in protest against the factual errors in the book. Conclusions based on errors cannot be relied upon.

Consider the following facts and decide who is practicing racism:

  • Israel has approximately one million Arab citizens who enjoy full equality under the law. The legal code of the Palestinian Authority specifically prohibits sale of property to a Jew.

  • Hebrew University accepts all students, including Arabs, on an equal basis. Jewish and Arab students attend classes together. Palestinian schools teach their children to hate the Jews.

  • Prior to 1948, Jewish immigrants to the area were met by Arab hostility, although the immigrants purchased their farmland and became hard-working farmers.

  • In 1948, the Israelis were attacked by neighboring states, although there were no Jewish settlers in these states.

  • The United Nations has passed resolutions attacking measures taken by the Israeli government, but it has never condemned attacks by Palestinians on Israeli civilians.

    Mr. Keil questions
  • Israel's response to U.N. resolutions, but he does not mention the flouting by the Arabs of the 1948 resolution creating the state of Israel.

  • If the Arabs had complied with this resolution and allowed the Israelis to live in peace in their new state, this entire conflict would not have occurred.

  • If the Arabs unilaterally renounce violence and recognize Israel, the violence will end. Unfortunately, if the Israelis unilaterally lay down their arms, they will be wiped out.

M. Friedman

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