Saturday, February 10, 2007

Infamous Nazi, Herr Adolf "michael" Hoffman has a "book"

Infamous Nazi, Herr Adolf "michael" Hoffman has a 'book' Will you look at that?

Amazon has a 'book' by the Notorious Nazi leader & Holocaust 'denier'

What else is there left for this Nazi that promotes a new Holocaust against ALL Jews, and repeats those refuted FAKE "quotes" on the Talmud (

How to ridicule the REAL Holocaust on (at least) the 6,000,000 innocent Jews that faced a "final solution" for no "political" reason whatsoever & demonize the Jews that fight for their survival against anothwr anihilation attempt by Islamofascists radicals, both at the same time?

Well, of course the "white" Supremacist Herr Hofmann couldn"> So the Nazi has a title no less than "holocaust against palestinians", thus the devilish mind commits the following crimes as he tries to:

  • Make from a "holocaust" a mere political thing.
  • Ridicule the real holocaust.
  • Demonizing Jews.
  • Then again, converting political conflicts into "holocaust".

The question is only Why does Amazon advertise it? The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians: Books ...

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