Monday, February 05, 2007

Israel multiracial country, Arabs persecuting, expelling Jews, rejecting Jewish state, intolerance

Israel multiracial country, Arabs persecuting, expelling Jews, rejecting Jewish state, intolerance

Former US President Jimmy Carter has joined those who accuse Israel of establishing a system of Apartheid

This is an insidious lie based on a false analogy. Apartheid was founded on spurious theories of racial hierarchy, the superiority of certain skin colours and physical features, and the separation of so-called races to avoid contamination. It’s an absurd doctrine, designed to justify prejudice, rationalise oppression and legalise economic exploitation.
It’s nothing new. Similar systems have existed throughout history. Untouchables in India; non-Moslems in Islam.
Israel’s policy towards the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza is not Apartheid. Carter makes the analogy by taking an array of incidents and administrative measures, and forming them into an ideology. His reasoning is a sham: Israel has a strategy for security; it is not based on racist dogma. In fact Israel itself is a multiracial country and has consistently aimed to be a part of a peaceful, prosperous Middle East; it is the Arabs who have remained intransigent, persecuting and expelling Jews, rejecting the Jewish state based on their own bigoted intolerance.
Carter recoils from the security fence, citing examples of people who have been disadvantaged by its construction; he dismisses the function of the wall, its role in stifling the recent terrorist campaign, implying instead that its purpose is to establish Apartheid.
Carter is offended by the checkpoints and Israel’s policing methods, forgetting that they’re a response to waves of Moslem assassins sent into Israel to kill Jews, and that every time we relax our guard, new attacks follow; instead he sees Israel’s security clampdown as an attempt to impose Apartheid.
Carter may have plenty of Jewish friends, but in his dotage he’s developing the mindset of an anti-Semite: whatever a Jew does there must be some evil intention behind it; and whatever evil occurs, there must be a Jew behind it.

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