Friday, January 25, 2008

"Palestinians" are starving (only) for attention & BBC's source in M.E. is a Hamas blogger

Un-credible BBC's source is a
(terrorists') Hamas blogger

The outrageous BBC excited adhering to a Hamas-nick
blogger on one hand and hammering responsible Israel's foreign ministry

Though the BBC's Arabist reporting is old news, once in a while they have to hear that ordinary people don't buy their "objective" journalism.

January 23, 2008 [11:30 AM GMT] the anchor ["world updates"] first interviews in an exciting (almost childish like) tone a Rafah blogger (wow! What a source) that "whines" about "Palestinians" that -- supposedly -- are rushing out to buy "food", and that they are just trying to break the "siege" as they LOVE to call it.

Then this low life "journalist" ponders the Israeli foreign ministry representative that 'starving' the population in Gaza doesn't work to halt the rockets attack against Israel, (you can almost hear how the BBC journalist does want the missiles to continue to target Israeli children), the Israeli FM asks "Where do you get the information about starving from"? We are monitoring the situation and DO allow the necessary supply the "Palestinians" need to survive.

Then the hypocritical journalist suddenly puts up a silly naiive little face, "proposes" that:"only a political solution is the answer" (since when are BBC "evenhanded" reporters, diplomats and politicians all of a sudden?), as if the Gaza "Palestinians" want a "political solution", which is why they elected the Hamas terror organization that doesn't recognize non Muslims equal rights, or Jews' right to exist, bend on self destruction and on destroying ALL of Israel & annihilation.

Whom is the BBC kidding?

As the Israeli FM replied: "Starving?" that's YOUR assessment, we know the situation and do monitor it to prevent any humanitarian breakdown.

I would take an open democratic free press (Israel) word, over a Jihadi racist entity's arguments, any time.

Not to mention how many times the "PALLYWOOD" has been lying to the world, staging up fake "massacres", editing photos, videos, and just plain lying about numbers (example, remember the Jenin numbers where 50 was blown to 500 with added bodies from the cemetery?) and facts (examples, Remember the Al Dura affair where Arabs killed the Arab boy and pinned it on Israel? or the Gaza beach family that was killed from a Hamas mine? and so one).


A footnote, who says that the "Palestinians" were breaking into Egypt to escape a "blockade", Have you thought that these people are under siege from their Islamic militant Hamas regime and found an opportunity to "break out" for a while?

On a more serious note, Who keeps track of the Hamas Islamists that are known to bring in weapons more than "food" into Gaza (actually to be true to the word, Islamists' food is weapons and deadly tools and actions (a point briefly mentioned by the BBC journalist, only in an argument that Israel's action don't work).

Apparently the BBC is still behind in not learning from the "Palestinian" fake drama saturation.

Next time you hear a BBC (B.S., Babble, Crap) report, know their baseless "sources".

Now follow the trail of the starving-for-attention Palestine's lie penetrated into mainstream media.
I just saw CNN reporting without any qualms that the "Palestinians" are running towards Egypt for food "Because they are starving", and just how does CNN "know" the "Palestinians" are "starving"? because the (biased bull crappy) BBC said so, ad how does the BBC
know, because Hamas said so.

The BBC Racism of not seeing Israelis as

One of the foundations of the criminal BBC reporting in the middle east is of course its long anti Israel racism, never do you see any attention to the Israeli victims of Arabs who initiate all combats, in fact only "Palestinians" seem ti be human enough to be played in the BBC thirst for "blood" & excitement for "action" in that conflict, not only now can't you find any reports on Israeli frightened children and mothers from vicious "Palestinian" attacks on them on a daily basis, but they are all noisy and awake at one day of Israel's action of blocking all but humanitarian supplies in that entity of cruelty called Hamas-tan.

Can you imagine that the attacker - "Palestinians" gets a more "human" story there than the Israeli innocent victims of terror?

As to "Palestinians" running into Egypt, the real question is, Will the overwhelmingly guilty "Palestinians" finally run, turn away from their elected Islamic Jihadists fascists and leave some space, for some peace, for some humanity.

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