Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Who does the 'Pallywood' photos for EuroNews? - Muslim fake "Santa" hits Israeli Security Guards

Who does the 'Pallywood' photos for EuroNews? - Muslim fake "Santa" hits Israeli Security Guards

Dec. 26, 2007

The latest bias "report" out of: TV.

Euro news has a feature of 'no comment', it is at the bottom of each round-up round, usually intended to show a message: "a picture is worth a thousand words".

The only problem is that when a picture is not spontaneous but orchestrated, a picture is then worthless of course.

Too bad that EuroNews doesn't "know" this, to show a latest example of outrageous anti Israel bigoted propaganda, just another 'Pallywood' [] piece, the Islamo-Arab "Palestinians" realizing the 'power of the Christmas season' sure know how to "celebrate" it in their hate culture.

You see [on that piece of 12-23-2007 EuroNews TV's "no comment"] a group of Muslim "Palestinians" (I couldn't care less if they are 100% Muslim like Yasser
Arafat that turned to "Christianity" on the Christmas season only to hit at Israel's image, or if they're of those Arab Islamized [fake] "Christians") shoving sticks in the faces of Israeli soldiers that are situated in trouble spots to keep the order, you see the Israeli soldiers restraining themselves, but the Arab Muslims can't "take" Israeli heroism, not
ever, in a desperate attempt to provoke a soldier, an Arab Muslim disguised as a "Christian" in "Santa Clause" costume takes a huge "Palestinian" flag
shoves the stick into the eyes of an Israeli soldier.

Still no "bad behavior" from the Israeli order keepers, the Violent Arab Muslim turns all of a sudden into a "kind candy giver" with the devious message: It's Christmas, anyone want candy", finally he can show the "Palestinian" as a "pro peace" population against the [so called "Israeli occupation"], after all a Santa Claus costume vs. a military uniform is quite powerful on [EuroNews]

It's the highlighted last image which EuroNews showed again and again the last weekend, showing the symbolic falsehood of "Palestinian" struggle, as if Israel does not face racist genocide, via all means possible, by the Arabs.

Too bad any real Arab Christian is not seen protesting the Islamic
apartheid upon minority Christians ( by the "Palestinian"
long bloody history (since Arafat's Islamization of Bethlehem &
terrorized them

The dwindling Christian Arabs in the holy-land vs the immense disproportionate rise in Muslims is one of the "best" proof of that, not to mention the forced conversions, coercion into participating in violence against innocent Israelis, intimidation, and terrorizing campaigns they endure by the majority oppressive Islamic authority.

The reason of course is, again that Arab Christians are terrified for their lives, they even fear voicing their fears out in the open.

The image of fear has no tool on TV.

Who does the images for EuroNews? or Who picks/edits

It might very well be another Arab photographer in Eurabia, the likes of the one sacked by Reuters for falsifying images at the Hezbollah Islamic-Terrorists' invasion & human shielding war on Israel in 2006.

In any case, there's no place in such a media for images or
reports being monitored by anyone that has nothing but a propaganda

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