Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hamas Kidnaps Fatah Official, Shaves Mustache

Hamas Kidnaps Fatah Official, Shaves Mustache
AZCONSERVATIVE ^ | 6 Jan 2008 | John Semmens

In an incident Muslim clerics have called a “chilling escalation,” Hamas security agents kidnapped Ibrahim Abu al-Naja, one of Fatah’s senior leaders in the Gaza Strip and shaved off his moustache.

Amidst the bombings, rocket attacks and shootings that dominate Palestinian politics, Westerners are baffled by the severe reaction to what is a common fraternity prank in the United States.

“Shedding blood is the honorable way to deal with political opponents and infidels,” said Imam Yasser Asser, Gaza’s most revered Muslim cleric. “But this is a defilement, a humiliation worse than death.”

Pressure is building for Naja to avenge his honor by a suicide attack on an Israeli school. “The Zionists are the root of all our troubles,” Asser said. “Muslims will not be able to live in brotherhood until the Jewish presence is exterminated.”

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