Friday, August 31, 2007

Biased Amanpor buttering up terror monster - Allah's warriors are NOT your ordinary God's faithful! (Arab Muslim Control in mass media)

Biased Amanpor buttering up terror monster - Allah's warriors are NOT your ordinary God's faithful!

In the trend of buttering up the terror monster

In the non-spiritual spirit of equalizing the Satanic Jihad cult to religions, faiths.

Here we go again, CNN's [Islamized] Christianne Amanpour has done it again, not only is she not calling the Islamists butchers by their names, but she even attempts in categorizing the killing/torturing/maiming for Allah with 'ANY' religion.

How could she get away with this enormous twisting of truth?

Not until these journalists will manage to:

* Find Christian, Jewish or even Buddhist or Hindu force that "wants to drink the blood of Muslims".

* Hear non Muslim clerics that it's "OK to kill people from other faiths, for no reason at all".

* Note a global movement of another religion that is acting towards global domination repression by force.

* Hear teaching toddlers that people outside certain faith are "apes & pigs", or "cows".

There's something about middle eastern journalists [asides from brave authentic Christians (as opposed to Islamized ones) or most Israelis], that their bakground tells them to apologize & sweeten up the Islamic mass murderers.

If you noticed it, it's the main motive in turning a blind eye to anti Israel fascists like 'Palestinian' Jihadists or Hezbullah when it's no secret why/how their kids die, but you will hear these type of "journalists" acting/crying about "civilians" dying in Lebanon or in Israel/ "palestine", no matter if they work for the biased BBC or for CNN, they will never find the moment to explain, to tell the obvious, who's really at fault of Arab kids dying, spitting it out about the guilty Arab Muslim parents, teachers, clerics & terror masters, the cult of child sacrifice to gain "victimhood" status in world TV circus, just another pan side of the "glorious" bloody Jihad.

These journalists will also not air a "program" on why Iraq operation is so hard, starting from the most important point, the Arab Muslim culture of intolerance.

Much less can you expect them to talk about the main issue, the evil in mainstream Islam, that apologizes, excuses & even motivates the word wide terrorism in the name of Muhammad, Quran, Islam & Allah.

Yes PC no PC to talk about an "entire population", still never has any saying in reality & facts, 'that mainstream Islam has a real problem', try imagining Christianne Amanpour ever to utter such a sentence.

So instead of telling the truth about mainstream Islam, she goes as far as to butter up for radical Islam or trivializing it as "just another religious fanatics group", the outrage cries up to heaven to the real truthful God!

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