Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Hezbullah Terrorists' Manual (& the losers always "win")

The Hezbullah Terrorists' Manual

1) Make sure your kids are in the target so they could be sacrificed in the altar of demonizing the Zionists.
2) 'Good' Muslim husbands, put your wives and kids in the launchers location number 1, or in any other attacking point so they could go to heaven right away, you "brave men" -- however keep firing bombs from location number 2, you are not that fortunate to be ready just yet.
3) After you members fire directly at Israeli civilians and during the entire "resistance" to Zionists civilians in northern Israel, learn your tongue the few basic words in English, to say 'I'm not Hezbollah, I am "innocent" civilian, I only support Hezbollah "morally"...' Make sure your wives know these most important words, it's extremely important in our propaganda war, even the infidel BBC drama-producers all just love us for that.
4) We prefer in sacrificing our human shields, to be of Arab kids, the more-little the better, the first price goes to the bloodiest baby caused.
5) And remember, you never lose!, Whatever happens, we are the "winners", if we die, we are "heroes", if we don't we are MORE heroes, actually, when we LOSE we "win", Arab logic, Don't ask why, just dance in the street when we tell you to!

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