Monday, August 14, 2006

The 'boom' of 'Palestinian' export of slaughtering own babies

The 'boom' of 'Palestinian' export of slaughtering own babies
The shock over,23599,20119082-1702,00.html Baby bombing plot 'chilling',23739,20119470-953,00.html Babies are new terror chill factor is understood, but all (MSM) media putlet besides (Fox' "line-up" program) failed to recognize the champions in the evil, never forget that the full rights of the invention goes exclusively to the ones & only wonderful "Palestinian" Arab Muslims, the "heroic" nation on earth.

The saturated & documented data on the cult of death, of human bombs, with or without the kids' notice, the cult of using own kids as human shields, as swifted off from Gazaland to Huzbullah-land, this goes to all those "civilians" in Lebanon we keep hearing from the MSM, well, after all they share the same passion (Isn't the "solidarity" between them so heart warming?), What? love for anything? you got to be kidding, unless you are referring to love of hate and love of death of course.

What are kids for? hey mommy "Palestine"!

Israel "palestine" 101


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