Friday, August 11, 2006

Good Arab Christians VS Islamized Arab "Christians"

Good Arab Christians VS Islamized Arab "Christians"

You hear so much about Arab Christians in the middle east, the tiny minority in the midle east, what's the real truth about them are they all really just "Arab Christians"?

What about those Arab "Christians" that hate America?

Well, you have to differenciate between heroic beautiful Arab Christians like Joseph Farah ( ), Brigitte Gabriel ( ), Nonie Darwish ( ), Walid Shoebat ( ) on one hand, and the Zogby Arab american "activists" or lobbyists on the other side, worse are the Christian Arabs that have always been anti American and more apologetic to terrorists Islamists.

You have to understand that Arabs as a whole ae much connected to their Islam influence, since that's where it was "born", this sentimental wave of feelings could go even further, up to cover for Islamists' crimes.

Though many heroic Arab Christians do manage to break up from the Islamization chains, that only keep growing, you live with them, or rather INTO them, after all.

Of course 'Palestinian' Arab Christians have nothing to do with Jesus' Christians in an ethnic sense, Jesus and his first followers were Jews, and Arab immigration to the holyland including into Bethlehem & Nazareth were not that long ago.

American Congress for Truth Update
The 0.6 million Arab Christians, including those living within the Jewish state are experiencing one of their most severe choices: Surrender to Islamization ...

"The Anti-Millennium: The Islamization of Nazareth" by Raphael Israeli
The process of Islamization of Nazareth has been gradual. ... In June 1996, an Arab-Christian psychology student surveyed high school students in Nazareth ...

Bat Yeor on Dhimmitude on National Review Online
Lebanese Christians fought against the Islamization of their country ... Collaborators are recruited among Christians who identify themselves as Arabs. ...


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