Saturday, August 05, 2006

Israel and Jews suffer because of (them being anti) US, but we are in this together!

So we are all used to hear "how much heat US takes for defending Israel"?
Here's an example of Israel's taking heat from Venezuela's Chavez that has issues with the US, which caused him to be allied with Iran, concequently to be anti Israel, and then anti Jewish...

If you really think about it, this entire Iran saga, the highest danger to the entire glove, started by mismanagment of liberal Jimmy Carter, that pressed so much for the removal of the Shah, so we got Islamic militant Hummeini instead.

In fact at the beginning, this entire Iranian Islamic entity saw Israel ONLY as the "little Satan" (for being) aligned with the "big Satan", the US.

So was Saddam's attack on Israel in 1991, after US bombed Baghdad.

So, What is really the truth?
We are in this together

Jordanian Islamists hail Venezuela's recall of envoy from Israel Monsters and, UK - ... IAF), Jordan's largest political party, on Saturday commended the decision by President Hugo Chavez to recall Venezuela's ambassador from Israel in protest ... Venezuelan Jews denounce 'anti-Semitic' statements by Chavez Ha'aretzVenezuela Withdraws Envoy From Israel All Headline NewsHezbollah leader says Israel achieving nothing in Lebanon, praises ... Mainichi Daily News


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