Friday, August 04, 2006

The FASCISM of "Muslims outrage"

The FASCISM of "Muslims outrage"

We all saw the rage, the notorious violent Arab street, they always have "issues", Don't they? One day it's a cartoon, another day it's a scarf in Paris, then a racist quarrel on Australian beaches. What? Did you think for one minute that Muslims protesting are of "botherly love", like lately after Huzbollah terrorists used civilians, especially the husbands/fathers using women and kids, so that the "outrage" will be great.) so that they would die (directly by them or indirectly) en masse are merely worried about dead or injured Arab Muslims?
You have got to be kidding!

Where's Arab Muslims "outrage" when they murder each other because of fascism between Sunni Shiite on a DAILY basis in Iraq?
Where's Arab Muslims "outrage" when Iranian Islamic Republic oppresses Ahawazi Arabs? or it's entire nation?
Where's Arab Muslims "outrage" when their brothers & sisters are oppressed in ALL Arab Muslims regimes, especially in Syria?
Where's Arab Muslims "outrage" when Arab Muslims massacre 2,000,000 Muslim Africans in Sudan?
Or Where's Arab Muslims "outrage" on Hamas', Islamic Jihad's schooling into the death cult and using children as human bombs and as human shields?
Or, Where's Arab Muslims "outrage" at the Hezbollah that uses kids to be human shields, that enters into civilian homes and hijacking rooms to be missile launchers?
Or, What if UN investigators will be let to invesigate who has killed the women and children in Qana, and it will turn out that he building that has collapsed 7 hours after Israeli operation on he terroists was undermined by the terrorists and to be Huzbolla's direct massacre? Do you really expect the masses of "innocent" mainstream Arab Muslims to protest the Hezbollah Islamists crimes on their owen people? And just Why not?
Let me tell you why not, because the entire "outrage" is never an honest pain but always the pure fascism against the infidel, epecially the 'Zionist infidel'.
So is the "payback" from so many Iraqi Arab Mulims to the American that have onl saved them from Saddam's boot,.
For Islamo Arabs tells us: "We can kill each other feroceously but don't you dare infidel touch us and if we can pin our crimes on an infidel, that WILL do!"


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