Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hizbollah's INITIATED attack shows the FASCISM of Anti Israelism & it's EMPTY excuses

Now you understand why the Islamists are so deperate to cause Israel to be connected (falsely) to dead civilians.
Because all the empty excuses are gone!
Israel GAVE them Gaza, got terror instead.
Israel withdrew 100% (even according to the UN) from Lebanon (after Israel operation in 1982 that followed "palestinian" teerrorists attacking Israel from Lebanon territory INTO Israeli territory).

Now, with no "occupation" slogan intact, the anti Israelism among Islamo Arabs would not have real steam, since they always seek to cover their pure fascism against Israel since their massacre on the Jews in the holyland in 1929, long before the slogans were invented.
So, after the Arabs have attacked Israel and Israel kicked their asses in 1967 and LEGALLY (check your sources what international law says about taking land after being attacked, never miond that it was always Israel's land) "occupied" Israeli biblical and historic land.
At that time it was mighty easy for them, to explain to the world that they are merely for "land" and they murder Israeli civilians in cold blood, because they have an "occupation" issue, heck, they are "heroic freedom fighters".

Especially recently with Israel's huge sacrifice of giving them Gaza, the "occupation" didn't ring any bells in the international ear, they were desperate to CREATE a new "slogan" and "reason" what is so "wrong" with the Zionists.

Islamic Republic of Iran that openly called/calls for Israel to be wiped off, classic radical Islamo Fascism, is more interested than anyone else to create a new demonization of the Zionists after the LOSS of the "occupation" excuse.

Of course the main player is then the mainstream Islam that is always guilty of perpetrating the "victimhood" sense, especially in light of the world wide Islamic terrorism, to pose as "victims" and "desperate" and the typical Islamic militant "feel good" teaching that "We are opressed, so we can do whatever we want".

Desperate to be called "desperate",
that's about it, as strange as it sounds, any wonder why Iran smiles at the dead Arab Muslim civilians that Hezbollah tewrrorists has caused and can so easily ber pinned on the Zioniuts?

After all it is much more powerful to accuse Israelis of "killers" then just "occupiers".

Anything is "holy" for that purpose of tarnishing Israel, damn, the Islamists have suceeded, especially in masses of dead Arab Muslim civilians, they will go on, the more the better, they are the only ones that love the graphic photos of dead Arab babies, Who else is with them on that?

Is the BBC blind or "playing along"?
Don't biased Arabist media know that it will backfire at all westerners at the end of the day?

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