Monday, August 14, 2006

"Civilians", "civilians", Is there any Huzbullah terrorist in Lebanon, CNN's Jim Clancy?

"Civilians", "civilians", Is there any Huzbullah terrorist in Lebanon, CNN's Jim Clancy?

Sickening CNN's "Know all" Jim Clancy's hammering us with that term "civilians"

I was watching the repetitions of CNN's "report" made by Jim Clancy (he's also active on the 'Inside the middle east' with Hala Gorani), a report that was actually telling you one word, over and over again, "civilians", "civilians", he made sure we heard that it's "civilians".

1) How does Jim know who's a civilian or not, even Arabist BBC admitted that many are terrorists and they can't know for sure how many.

2) How about that Israel's army estimates Hizbollah dead at 530 Reuters AlertNet that's 530 terrorists out of what Lebanon claims to be "800" plus? we already saw the Lebanese "figure" inflated at the Qana, from 26 to "53", on this equation, not much of real "civilians" are left in the account, if you do the math.

An Islamist asked me: Are they guilty until proved innocent? My response: Is Israel guilty of going after civilians until proved innocent, since this "civilians" term is to tarnish Israeli defenders, Jim Clancy better have proof that the "civilians" are not Huzbullah, armed or accessories of the combatants.

Point is, that if Jim Clancy wants so much to claim they are mostly "civilians" , he can do it "in the name of Lebanese sources", but not as his assertion, unless he has the obvious intentions of not just reporting the news...

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