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What kind of 'Change' - in 'oppressive apartheid Arab world?' - would be a good one?

What kind of 'Change' - in 'oppressive apartheid Arab world?' - would be a good one?

What Needs to be done vis-a-vis the 'turmoil in oppressive apartheid Arab World'

February, 2011


Call for a halt to the massive Islamic apartheid oppression of non-Muslims in the Middle East, including such groups as the Coptic Christians in Egypt (the very indigenous, natives of that ancient land, who have been oppressed by the Arab invaders), Christians under Hamas-tan, even under "Moderate" Fatah, or any non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia (prohibition of any non-Islamic practice in S. Arabia, the banning of Jews' entry into some Arab countries), for starters.
Try and guess, why is it that out of the entire Middle East, Israel is the only country where Christian Arabs flourish, whereas in virtually all Arab countries, that community dwindles down so very quickly?


Stop apologizing for and sugarcoating the 'Muslim Brotherhood' who since its foundation (and later on with its founder: al-Banna's fascination with Hitler) was defined as clearly FASCIST, emerged with calls for 'holy war,' and have inspired the emerging of many Jihadi terror systems, resulting in massive crimes-against-humanity. Stress their written goal of creating the 'Caliphate' - The vision of global oppressive Islamic empire under Sharia law.


Free all non-Arabs from discrimination and humiliation in the racist Arab world, like: Blacks (including suffering Africans in Lybia, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan) Berbers, Kurds, al-Akhdam, etc.
In fact, toppling Syria's dictatorship would be even more of a wonder than Egypt's, that 'PRISON LIKE' tightly closed state, where Kurds as a major non-Arab minority are crushed under racist 'Syrian Arab Republic.'


While on Syria... the very regime that -- together with the Islamic Oppressive Mullahcracy of Iran' is pushing its long arms, the terrorizing Hezbollah anti-Christian, anti-Semitic thugs to be included in the Lebanese government. Sadly, the anti-Hezbollah pro-freedom pro-western protests (after a long brutal bloody history of Muslims, including "Palestinian" Muslims committing atrocities on Christians) in Lebanon, have had very little coverage in mainstream media.


Tell Arab Palestinians to stop playing victim, stop playing with civilians lives' in order to "win" sympathy --just like their terrorist-Hezbollah buddies do in Lebanon-- and to get serious about peace, or their aid stops now.
The same self-destructive culture that in 1948 followed militant leaders to evacuate the land SO to clear the way for Arabs' genocide of Jews, the same twisted mentality that keeps electing hellish leaders, again and again, the same cult which indoctrinates its kids into the 'death cult.'
By the same token, the Arab media should cease inflaming their youths via graphic images of dead kids, caused mostly by Arab attackers' tactics. As well as its anti-American incitement by parading photos of the dead and wounded by anti-terror operations by the U.S. and other Western powers.
A tip to you, international (media) cameras, try to avoid broadcasting of so called "Palestinian" casualties, and see if the [real] numbers aren't dropping down... In other words, without achieving their goal of "we are victims" mantra (which greased the tires of the anti-Israel hate propaganda), Arab kids' lives can be saved, literally, a whole lot of them.
The same goes to reporting any "stories" whose "source" is Arab-Palestine, notorious for mass-fabrication, also known by the term: "Pallywood." (
As a whole, this sick blaming westerners for Arabs' own errors is old.


Since the pseudo 'Palestinian' card has been used again and again, falsely, it is an urgent time for:
Honesty. Truthfulness.
Start exposing the true identity of the so called "Palestinians" - 'Arab immigration into the vastly desolate land (as described by travel writers, including by: David Roberts, Charles Wilson, Alexander Keith, Mark Twain, Sir Frederick Treves Smith Elder, Constantine Francois Volney, Dean Stanley, etc.) since the 1800s' would be a good place to start. Be sure to include such testimonies as that of Sir Winston Churchill about Arab 'crowding into the land,' and that of president F.D.R., that the overall waves of Arab 'newcomers' even exceeded that of the Jews.'


Expose, confront all bigoted Mosque sermons, as well as vile cartoons, literature and TV shows on Arab TV (Hat-Tip, search:, ).


Begin demanding some participation from Gulf Arab filthy-rich states to share in feeding their poor Arab "brethren," US and others do NOT have to do it alone, any more.


Put a stop to the oppression of women, treating them like dirt (regardless of any Taquiyya spin messages, Islamic propagandists try to brainwash westerners), curb that Honor killing epidemic, reaching even the West.


Convene, organize, be inventive on how to break the global Goliath power called: Arab oil, the most powerful lobby on earth. whose claws grips the West, the United Nations, and many other international bodies to be dictated by radical Arabism.
Not that oil is the only power the Arab lobby leans on, it uses the fear in the West of 'Arab streets, terror' to extract demands, non-stop. Nevertheless, any drop in need of Arab oil can weaken --though not totally cripple-- that Goliath, somewhat.
One of the first achievements the lobby succeeded, is creating an "undisputable" general assumption, that the Arabs --everywhere-- are automatically "victims" by default. No matter how aggressive, violent and criminal they are.


Only with these surgical changes, the Arab world can begin to resemble Israel which [in spite of being demonized by the Arab racist world) is -- so far-- the 'Only True Democracy in the Middle East.'



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