Saturday, December 27, 2008

Defending Israel's action against bloodthirsty Islamic "Palestinians" who use their own kids as human shields

Defending Israel's action against bloodthirsty Islamic "Palestinians" who use their own kids as human shields

Boston Jewish leaders defend Gaza strike

Boston Globe, United

Hamas's disregard for Israeli life is matched by its disregard for
the lives of Palestinians living in Gaza. Using innocent Palestinians as human
shields, Hamas purposely fires its missiles from homes, schools and community
centers, confident in the knowledge that when Israel finally acts to stop the
killing of its own civilians, Palestinians will also inevitably be harmed. The
use of Palestinian civilians as human shields is not merely unspeakably cruel.
It is also a fundamental violation of Palestinian human rights by the Hamas

Israel cares deeply about protecting the lives of civilians,
both in Israel and in the Gaza Strip. Its efforts this weekend to stop the Hamas
attacks represent classic self-defense, undertaken reluctantly by an Israeli
nation that longs for peace.

Israel is now compelled to act to defend
its citizens.

Hamas took no heed of the plight of their own brethren, "and just as they have
used human shields in their terror operations, they are now taking the whole ...

Israel’s Challenge
Family Security Matters, NJ - Dec 26, 2008
Why is
criticism never leveled at Hamas or Hezbollah who regularly use children as
human shields to protect their leaders and their weapons? ...

Israel retaliation in Gaza, Hamas hit hard
Canada Free Press, Canada
suspected hideouts of Hamas leadership must be taken out. Israel had
opportunities in earlier decades to do this and refused because of the human


So, "Palestinians" -- unfortunaletly-- had caused a few kids (besides the majority militants killed today), they succeeded in their objective to make Israel look bad, that's very important in their objective of hating Israel (Arab racism & Islamic bigotry) no matter what Israel does, and "legitimizing" their radicalism so that the world looks away Hamas' real ultimate goal, Genocide of course, or "wiping off map" in its Islamic protectors of Tehran's vocabulary...

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