Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Israel's right to exist basic tenet of new Italian party

Israel's right to exist basic tenet of new Italian party
Jerusalem Post, Israel
By LISA PALMIERI-BILLIG, JPOST CORRESPONDENT IN ROME Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born Italian journalist and writer of Muslim origin who was baptized by Pope ...

CNS STORY: MUSLIMS-ALLAM (UPDATED) Oct-29-2008 (500 words) xxxi. Muslim convert to Catholicism tells pope Islam is not inherently good. By Cindy Wooden ...

Despite threats, Muslim convert lives without fear Amici di ...OSV: In an article after your baptism, you described Islam as inherently violent , and elsewhere said there is no such thing as moderate Islam. Allam: One ...

Ex Muslim, Italian, Zionist...
Allam, 55, is the assistant editor of Corriere della Sera and the 2006 Dan David Prize laureate. His new book, which immediately became a best-seller in Italy, is part of his consistent and uncompromising fight against extremist Islam and for Israel's right to exist. In addition, he is trying to convince people that "the culture of hatred and death that the West now attributes to Muslims is not embedded in Islam's DNA."

Muslim Convert Magdi Allam Founds Pro-Life Political Party in Europe
Catholic Online,
By Deacon Keith Fournier Magdi Cristiano Allam and this new party serve as an example to many of us in Nations such as the United States of America who ...

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