Monday, September 22, 2008

Arabism = Racism, Arab racism against Jews

Another Arab racist attack by Israeli Arabs against Israeli Jews... 10 wounded in Jerusalem terror attack [Arab drives vehicle into crowd]

10 wounded in Jerusalem terror attack.
Ten people were wounded - one seriously, two moderately and seven lightly - on Monday night in a terror attack at a busy Jerusalem intersection.
Rescue services said an Arab driver drove his car into a group of people at Zahal Square.
The driver was shot and killed by citizens, according to Israel Radio and rescue services.
The intersection is near the Old City's Jaffa Gate.

Just another "isolated' incident of Arabs INSIDE Israel filled with anti Jewish racism out there to murder ANY Jew - man, woman, child, just like the 2 bulldozer terror attack cases, just like all terror attacks by Arab 'Palestinians" that were ALL assisted by Israeli Arabs racists...

than... these racist savage Arabs will complain how they are "poor, poor second class" because Israeli Jews "dare" be afraid of the Arab Muslim fake victims' horrendous crimes against humanity.

So "unfair' indeed...

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