Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The bloody BBC's hands in murdering the innocent in Israel

The bloody BBC's hands in murdering the innocent in Israel

Feb. 4, 2008

What do you know, after weeks of mounting vicious anti Israel campaign, buying all Islamofascist Hamas' tactics of causing self harm to their population: targeting Israeli children in Sderot to draw an Israeli anti terror operation in order to have the "victim-hood" being picked up, the Islamists saw it's finally highest time to hit another 'suicide bombing'.

The BBC as always (mainly since 1987), is on the front champions in this crime, not just ignoring the cynical game Islamic terrorists play (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah), but far worse, it actually plays a mouthpiece for them by portraying Israel as the "bad guy", after all is set and done, the "Palestinian" fake "victims" (the leaders and the massive population that elect them) could now continue what they always want, to annihilate Israelis.


Police officer:
Terrorist reached for explosive before I shot
Ynetnews, Israel
Referring to the manner in which the
terrorist arrived to Dimona, Cohen said: "We all know what happened on the
border between Israel and Egypt very ...Dimona
attack 'painful reminder' that we must stay vigilant
Jerusalem PostIslamic
Iran Terror Murders 3 In Dimona, Israel - Reactor Unharmed
Israel News
officer: I did as I was taught

A Terror
Breach in Israel's Border?
TIME - The policeman's quick reactions no
doubt saved lives in Israel's first suicide attack in over a year. But the
bombing seemed to confirm fears by Israeli ...Hamas
claims Dimona bombers came from Hebron
Jerusalem Post ANALYSIS: Dimona shows
Israel has a security problem 300kms long

US condemns
attack in Israel, condemns Hamas

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